2020 stok list 3

25 ноября 2020

10 Mic Filter V00051
Quick Release Pins V00113
Speed Handle Assembly 200140
Swing Bolt Assembly 200088
Hinge Pin 200090
Cotter Rue Pin V00096
Pipe Lifter Seal 300439
Carriage Cylinder Seal Kit 300432
Facer Blade Set 500299
Facer Drive Sprocket 500124
Facer Chain Assembly 500195
Facer Stops Fusion 500103
Facer Stops Socket Screw Head 500103
Facer Blade Flat Head Screw 685040004
Pressure Gauge 0 - 3000 Psi V00282
Pressure Reducing Valve V00813
Capacitor De Arranque Fusion Machine 460-552MFD
Housing Faler Fusion 500131
Chain Assembly Fusion 500195
Bearing Fusion Machine V00003
Thermoswitch Fusion V00169
Termometer Fusion Machine V00168
Termoestato Sup. P/Cal. Agua 30/50 GLS
Termoestato Inf. P/Cal. Agua 30/50 GLS
Interruptor 1 Polo 15A Panel Cuchillas
Interruptor 1 Polo 20A Panel Cuchillas
Interruptor 1 Polo 30A Panel Cuchillas
Power Coverter Wfco 35Amp
Volute To Case Gasket PP9945235F674
Volute To Case O-Ring PP9902243F116
Casing Gasket 13" P9945099F674
Bearing Housing /Frame O-Ring P9902246F116
Inboard Ball Bearing Assembly PP9945533F056
Outboard Bearing Assembly PP9945693F056
Jonh Crane Mechanical Seal 316Ss XF5010101
Mechanical Seal 316Ss Stand. Bore Box TYPE 1 XF5010101
Pump PulgGPulg Head Gasket 3.86383E+12
Pump Mechanical Seal 1-1/4" 25271889
Pump PulgGPulg Shaft Bushing 3.11431E+12
Pump O-Ring 25154133
Pump O-Ring 25154142
Pump Ball Bearing 23431006
Pump O-Ring 25154029
Pump O-Ring 25154028
Pump O-Ring 25154033
Motor/Pump Coupling Spacer Flange Size7 7SC35/7JN
Motor/Pump Coupling Spacer Flange Size6 6SC35/6JN
Motor/Pump Coupling Spacer Flange Size4 4JBORED3/4-7/8 4JN
Suction Pressure Gauge (Manometro) -30'HG TO 100 PSIG
Discharge Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 0 TO 100 PSIG
Flow Switch 1520BF5ACW9EFCS
Pressure Relief Valve AT 75 PSI 1" X 1" AT 75 PSI E153
Replacement Filter Element General Iii CIMTEK 30034
Replacement Filter Element Centurioniii CIMTEK 30034
4" Api Coupler Repair Kit OPW 1004D2
3/4" Brass Solenoid Valve Nc 120 Vac SC8210G3-120
1/2" Brass Solenoid Valve SC8210G34-120
Air Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 8210G3K
Water Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 8210G2K
Purge Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 8210G34
Pressure Switch PDA-4-4M-C-H
Water Filter Cartridge MB5-20
Water Filter Gasket S7963
Check Valve 810-8F8M
Air Regulator Repair Kit R74G-RK
1/4" Npt Water Regulator Repair Kit R06-RK
Gearbox Gasket Item 516 p/n 125959PSP 125959PSP
Gearbox Breather Filter Item 518 121504PSP
Gearbox Bearing Item 701 p/n 219546PSP 219546PSP
Gearbox Retaining Ring 219548PSP item702 219548PSP
Gearbox Retaining Ring Item 703 219547PSP
Gearbox Key-Hs Extension 190962PSP
Acople Falk 1090T10C 1090T10C
Kit De Sellos Apra Acople Falk 1090T 1090T
Tapaderas Rejilla Acople Falk 1090T10C 1090T10C
V-Ring Slinger (Retenedor Motor 150HP) 415045-2A
Bevel Gear Set 3.36 Ratio Item 705/801 209760PSP
Helical Gear Set 2.794 Item 902/813 218089PSP
Shaft Sleeve 6.37 X 4.13 X 4.37 209945PSP
Rem Coupling Key 190955PSP
Oil Seal 115507PSP
Hex Head Cap Screw 100175GR5
Oil Seal Retainer 209943PSP
LS Shaft 783 Rr 219978PSP
LS Gear Spacer 209940PSP
LS Gear Key 190950PSP
Shaft Spacer 209941PSP
LS Bearing Spacer 209942PSP
Roller Bearing Item 701 219546PSP
Retaining Ring Truarc 219548PSP
Spacer 209768PSP
Key Bevel Gear 190951PSP
Rfq1 Part 125946STL
Thrust Plate 209946PSP
Pin Bearing Housing 209867PSP
Slinger 139323PSP
Nut Lock 205582PSP
Bearing Retainer Trpl 209949PSP
Roll Pin 108526PSP
Key 190953PSP
Nut Lock Elastic ( Item 815 ) 107423PSP
High Speed Shaft 209908PSP
Nut Lock Elastic ( Item 904 ) 107423PSP
High Speed Spacer 209938PSP
Keyed Washer 205516PSP
Nut Lock 205519PSP
House Bearing Retaining (Trp) 209869PSP
Hs Key 190952PSP
Roll Pin 108505PSP
Roll Pin 108525PSP
BP Bearing Housing 209868PSP
Rotorseal Barco Rotary Joint BC32003-24-01
Filtro Hidraulico (Reductores Lightning DONALDSON P-551551
Oil Seal-National (Reductores Ligthning 7603
Lower Shaft Assembly (Spx) R280159802
Helical gear - item 603 p/n 180751PSP LIGHTNIN 180751PSP
One (1) only lower A510 blade LIGHTNIN R280143515
Bearing Skf 6309-2Z 116247PSP
Wire Rope For Model 1947 AN19447
Wire Rope For Model 7424 AN7424
Wire Rope Guide Model 45237 IO71828
Wire Rope Guide Model 36495 IO71781
Model 150.01 Hook Latch 150
Hoist Trolley 2 Amp Fuse ATDR2
Hoist Trolley 5 Amp Fuse GGC5
Hoist Trolley 30Amp Fuse ATDR30
Hoist Trolley 15 Amp Fuse ATDR15
Hoist Trolley 60 Amp Fuse AJT60
Trolley Limit Switch Model Xcrf17H2 I070491
Festoon Trolley Model Fc-Tr2 I071213
Hoist Friction Disc Model 13429 13429
Hoist Friction Disc Model 12656 12656
Hoist Friction Disc Model Hch30023F HCH30023F
Trolley Friction Disc 2254
Trolley Friction Disc 2255
Trolley Friction Disc EV30023F
Pasteca Grua Abus Serie 1064 Tipo Gm800 33290
Botonera Brazo Sag 250V 5A Rain Proof KOB 62 41-10148
Adapter Shaft Item 3 10580.01
Motor Ge 1030/1030/16160-01 Serie 1191 GS048360040/1204P
Jib Crane Hoist Fuse W/Holder 5TT400MA250V
Jib Crane Festoon Trolley IO71213
Jib Crane Hoist Friction Disc p/n2275041 2279922
Jib Crane Trolley Friction Disc 52269587
Jib Crane Rotation Friction 1836706
Jib Crane Rotation Fuse ATDR30
Jib Crane Pendant Station XACA08SP0203
Loadmate R&Mm Trocola Serie G 0407582 2269921
Cyclone 185Mm Votex Finder 50080CVX185R33
Cyclone 90Mm Spigot Liner 15064CVX90R33
Cyclone Cover Liner 50018CVXR33
Cyclone 160 Mm Feed Chamber Liner 50035CVX160R33
Cyclone Cone Liner 20004C-10R33
Cyclone Cone Liner 15-10 15004C-10R33
Cyclone Cone Liner 10-10 10004C-10R33
Silenciador De Bronce De 3/8" Cyclones
Weir Radial Feed Distributor 500Cvx10 500CVX10
Fusible Ferraz Shawmut Amp-Trap 800A A70QS800-4
Sleeve 16Pulg Gum Rubber Clarkson Kgd 16
Natural Rubber Sleeve p/n WS8002LDRR551 WEIR WS8002LDRR551
Gate 316 Ss (1 Per Valve ) WS8010C41
Upper Seal (1 Per Valve ) WS8015S42
Spigot Liner/400MMR55 100mm OPN 15064CVX100R55
Level Switch RSS3GH-3I
Level Transmitter Cable 34 Feet Long
Discharge Vibratory Excitor 460/3/60 CD18-3850
Discharger Black Epcm Outlet Sock 10' DIA GBD-5
Filter Bags UB058B16PE
6 Position Timer Board TB06P0S
Diaphragm Valves DOA075GOYT33/4'NPT
Diaphrag Rebuild Kit 3/4" Npt 075GOYM 3/4'
Solenoid Valves 1/8" Npt SOL125GOYC
Magnehelic Gauge (Manometro) GAGEMAG2010LT
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) GAGEPRE
Screw Feeder Pillow Block Rollerbearing SAFD225152-7/16'
Screw Feeder Packing Set PGC 5-7/16' DIA
Screw Feeder "B" V-Belt Set
Knife Gate Valve Tfe Packing
Knife Gate Valve Cylinder Repair Kit RK2A10
Brass Bushing W/Seal Kit 38PAPG
Slaker Mill Trunion Shaft Screws Washer M30X100
Slaker Mill Trunion Shaft Screws Washer M24X90
Slaker Mill Bearing Housing V-Ring Seal
Slaker Bearing Housing O-Ring Strings
Slaker Mill Feed Spout Gasket
Slaker Mill Inlet Trunion Lining O-Ring
Slaker Mill Discharge Screen Vring Seal
Slaker Discharge Housing V-Ring Seal
Slaker Lubricate System Diverter Valve
Lime Water Valve Actuator Repair Kit RKP154
Lime Silo Water Valve 1/2" model T-451 T-451
Lime Dilution Valve Actuator Repair Kit RKP153
Lime Silo Dilution Valve 1" 9FB-3600XTB JAMESBURY 9FB-3600XTB
Lme Silo Cyclone Vortex Finder 1.25" 45CR-1.25
Lime Silo Cyclone Apex Liner 5/16" 348C-CR-0.312
Lme Silo Cyclone Cone Liner 44C-12-CR
VT50 Pump Casing (Item 567508) SA138413-M1
VT50 Pump Inlet SA128414-M1
VT50 Pump Impeller (Item 234602M1) SA234602-M1
VT50 Pump V-Ring Seal SA953319
VT50 Pump V-Ring Seal SA953319
VT50 Pump Bearing ( Cojinete Ntn ) NU310=310EC NTN
VT50 Pump Bearing ( Cojinete Ntn ) 6310ZZC3/2A2=6310
VT50 Pump Bearing Housing Assembly 234644M1
VT50 Pump Complete Set Gasket & O-Ring
Acople Falk Bomba Lubricat Molino Bolas 1040T10
Rejilla Falk Bomba Lubrication M. Bolas 1040T10
Sello Mecanico Lado Carga Tornill Trasp
Soporte Interno Autolubricac Torn Trans
End Bearing De 168 Mm P/Torn Transp 6"
Tornillo Transp 6" Dia Y 7.5Mts Longitu
Transmisor de nivel Ohmart vega flex 62 VEGAFLEX 62
Ball Mill Bearing Oil Seal W/Holes 726-83-3-3402-01
Ball Mill Bearing Oil Seal W/Holes 726-83-3-3402-02
Ball Mill Drive Male Registered Drum 409980
Ball Mill Drive Side Plate 412163
Lube System 3.0Kw Pipe Insert ELPH-3.03' 480V/3
Lube System 100 Ohm Platinum RTD RTD 68
Temperature Gauge (Manometro) 5"Dial 9" 50C160R090
Lube System Pump 65 Gpm @ 1750 RPM AA3G/NXPMCA250AL
PreSS Gauge(Manometro)3-1/2"Dial 600KPA 35-100SW04L-XLL
Switch SPDT 0-700 Kpa LPSN4JB06XK3
Thermostatic Valve Element 100F (Pfe) 2050-100
Temperature Switch SPDT LTDN-4JJ00040XK3
Temperature Gauge(Manometro)5"Dia4"Stem 50C160R040
Dp Switch SPDT 0-400 Kpad LDSN4JB06XK3
Flow Switch SPDT 3/4" Npt 0-2.3 M3/Hr ASB2.3CMH6-1000V.9
PreSS Gauge(Manometro)3-1/2"Dial 400KPA 35-1009SW04L-XLL
Pump 34 Gpm @ 1750 RPM (Imo Pump) D4-045N2LVBE
Flow Switch SPDT 1-1/2" Sae 0-6.8M3/Hr MH-CSB6.8CMH-24T
Flow Divider 2 Inlet X 4 Outlet FD 3100B
Transmitter 4-20 Ma 0-27600 Kpa Lcd 3051TG
Gear Spray Syst. Pump Air Motor Rep Kit FGK1
Gear Spray Syst. Pump Seal Kit Sag/Ball FGK2
Gear Spray System Line Strainer Screen LS05120
Spray Nozzle U922C
Valve RV-25-01 RV-25-01
Diode ( Diodo ) Ball Mill Motor 2278C26H13
Diode ( Diodo ) R5001415XXWP
Diode ( Diodo ) 2278C26H11
Pulse Sync Module ( Bobina De PuLSo) 1877B15G01
Diode ( Diodo ) 2278C26H12
Resistor 2970C63H04
Resistor 2970C63H01
Gate Module 1708D19G02
High Pressure Relief Valve CT-06-C-40
Flow Divider B-50-1 1/2
Pressure Switch B2T-H12
Temperature Switch T2H-H251
Temperatura Switch F402-6BS
Pressure Switch D2T-A80
Filter Switch 1203-PGS-1-2-L-3
Limit Switch 800T
Solenoid L2LB5150
valvula selenoide 71315SN2GNJ1N0C111P3 71315SN2GNJ1N0C111P3 (120VAC)
Pressure Switch D1H-A150
Kit Mayor De Reparacion Para Bomba Imo 3064/220R
Bomba Imo Alta Presion G6UVF-17P 3064/220
Filtro Farval De 1/2" MODELO F978
Regulador De Presion Farval De 1/2" MODELO F976
Lubricador Farval De 1/2" MODELO F977
Switch De Presion De Aire Farval MODELO U623
Valvula Solenoide 2 Vias De 1/2" Farval MODELO U10602D2
Valvula Solenoide 3 Vias De 1/4" Farval MODELO U10626
Bloque Distribuidor de Grasa Farval 7 sa SERIE 3000-7
Boquillas De Aspersion Para Grasa MODELO 68412
Magnetic Card Holder 3/4"X 50 Ft MCH-1275
Rotoseal 145461Aa Eaton Airflex 1-1/2" 145461AA
Air Filter Norgren F17-800-M3Da F17-800-M3DA
Pressure Regulator R17-801-Rnla-5 R17-801-RNLA-5
Pressure Switch S/041004677 20-180Psi 6NN-KK5-N4-C2A
Press gauge(Manometro) 0-160PSI 1/2" Npt FLSMIDTH 200CBV/100/11-2
Relief (Alivio) Valve Kingston 125Psi
Solenoid Valve N3657104853 140Psi N3657104853
Pressure Switch S/041004676 200-400Psi 12NN-KK4-N4-C2A
Airflex Rh Rotorseal Replace Kit Rs9030 145461X
Filtro Aire Con Drene Automatico 1/2" 602109
Filtro Parker Alta Presion Molino Bolas 922628
Major Rebuild Kit 3215/150R-G3Db250Ball 3215/150R-G3DB-250
Minor Rebuild Kit Ball Mill G3Db-250 3215/150RA-G3DB250
Imo Pump G3DB-250 p/n 3215/150 IMO G3DB-250 3215/150
Major Rebuild Kit 3215/150R-G3Db-250Imo
Flow Switch Universal Monitors SH-CBS9GM-6
Lube Oil Filter (Filtroparker Ball Mill
Ball Bearing Rs9030 (Eaton) RS9030
Bal mill feed chute lower elbow section WEIR Q205219
Gusano para Trommel p/n SK61994129 METSO SK61994129
Kit De Reparacion Bomba Farval Sag/Ball FGK1
Kit De Reparacion Bomba Farval Sag/Ball FGK3
Kit De Reparacion Bomba Farval Sag/Ball FGK4
Kit De Reparacion Bomba Farval Sag/Ball FGK5
Seal Buna N Dbl Lip 130.0 Lg 02-109100
Oil Wiper Assembly 72 Thru 12 05-904700
Flow Divider 1.00 33.0 Gpm 04-073253
Motor Ge 5HP 1800/3/460 184T 04-070272
Motor Ge 25HP 3600/3/230-460V 04-085194
Meter Monitor Flow 2 Gpm 04-086354 04-086354
Switch De Presion De Aire Farval MODELO U623
Valvula Solenoide 2 Vias De 1/2" Farval MODELO U10602D2
Bloque Distribuidor De Grasa Farval 6 sa SERIE 3000-6
Fan Blade Manufacturer Thermal 66129
Protection Guard Manufacturer Thermal 69235
Sag Mill Hex Bolt 0.38-16X1.25 A307
Sag Mill 0.38 Cs Lockwasher METSO 04-001363
Sag Mill Gasket 63.05 Od X 51.00Idx0.25 02-020041
Sag Mill Hex Head Bolt 1.25-8X4.00 A307 04-075698
Sag Mill 1.25-8Un Hex Nut A563 Gr 04-075842
Sag Mill 1.25 Plain Washer N F844 04-007571
Sag Mill 1.25 Cs Lockwasher 04-001846
Sag Lubricacion Valvula Alta Presion 04-073256
Sag Mill Screw Hex Flathead 1 X 4.50 04-076064
Sag Mill Washer 04-001358
Sag Mill Locknut 04-067066
Sag Mill Packing Washer 04-071127
Sag Mill Rubber Seal Ring 02-002550
Sag Bolt Hex Head 038 X 1.25 04-001017
Sag Mill Lockwasher 04-001363
Sag Mill Plow Bolt 04-090248
Timer Miniatura On Delay 14 Espiga 120V GT5Y-4SN1A100
Bomba Baja Presion Roper 1Am27 Type 1 FIG. 1AM27
Sag Mill Kit De Sellos Para Acople Falk 2090G20
FiberGlass Air Filter Pads 20"X20"X2" 2173K94
Filter Media Pad Frame 20"X20"X2" Thick 2169K24
Fan Pulley Dodge Tape 2517 p/n 111003 111003
Bushing Taperlock 1-15/16" Motor Sag 117173
Drive Pulley Dodge Taper 2517 111004
Bushing Taper Lock 1-7/8" Motor Sag 119122
Lubri-Sag - Temperature Sensor Assy 05-000353
Lubri-Sag - Thermometer 04-086274
Lubri-Sag - Pressure Switch 04-086574
Lubri-Sag - Snubber Body 04-073238
Lubri-Sag - Check Valve 0.75 04-073200
Lubri-Sag - Globe Valve 1.0 04-071453
Lubri-Sag - Valve Lockshield 04-071449
Lubri-Sag - Pressure Transmitter 04-090194
Lubri-Sag - Relief Valve 04-073263
Lubri-Sag - Pipe Strainer 01-070643
Lubri-Sag-Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 01-071442
Lubri-Sag - Needle Valve 0.5 04-073856
Lubri-Sag - Needle Valve 0.5 04-073857
Lubri-Sag - Pressure Switch 04-086386
Lubri-Sag - Temperature Switch 04-073264
Lubri-Sag - Gate Valve 04-073251
Lubri-Sag - Water Temp Control Valve 04-073258
Lubri-Sag - Oil Level Control 04-086878
Lubri-Sag - Relief Valve 1.25 04-073257
Lubri-Sag - Ball Valve 1.25 04-073256
Lubri-Sag - Check Valve 1.25 04-073243
Lubri-Sag - Inmersion Heater 04-087821
Lubri-Sag-Liquid Level Gauge(Manometro) 04-073853
Lubri-Sag Filter/Breather Reservoir 04-073854
Lubri-Sag Valve Globe 0.5 04-071050
Lubri-Sag Valve Lockshield 1/2" 04-071052
Lubri-Sag Valve Lockshiel 1/2" 04-071053
Motor Baldor 7-1/2HP 1760RPM Frame213Tc VM3710T
Eje Para Ventilador Molino Sag Coll Rod
Filtro Farval De 1/2" MODELO F978
Regulador De Presion Farval De 1/2" MODELO F976
Lubricador Farval De 1/2" MODELO F977
Filtro Hidraulico Alta Presion Sag 30P110QM250MN1
Multi-Function Controller Farval 554500 554500
Farval Gear Lube Pump Modelo F306
Filtro Parker Baja Presion Molino Sag 906451 40W H2
Calentador De Tonel (Drum Heaters) 5W662
Back-Up Washers(4.50X4.75X.12Buna-N Sag 821320-4A
Cover Seal (4.50X4.75X .12Buna-N) Sag 821320-4
Filter Elements Alta Presion Sag Mill 676386-1208
Filter Assembly Marvel 831324-2501
Major Rebuild Kit Imo Pump B6Db-137 B6DB-137
Imo Hydraulic Lube Oil Serv.B6Db-137Sag B6DB-137
Fan Pulley Dodge Taper 2517 111003
Drive Taper-Lock Taper 2517 111004
Carbones P/Motor Sag 2,800HP Hyundai
Resorte P/Carbones Motor Sag 2,800HP
Flow Switch Universal Flow Monitor SN-ASB2GLM-6
Valvula De Bola M 3610 (Metso) 04-073256
Scr Module Complete (Sag) M1850GB20-750KW
Flocculant Package Blower RBS 25/V
Flocculant Package Powder Stirrer DA-1276
Flocculant Package Dosing Pump CC0802
Flocculant Package Mechanical Seal Kit AES
Flocculant Package En8/Hcp Rotor 4961
Flocculant C0802 Stain Steel Stub Shaft ITEM 12-4458
Flocculant Pump C0802 Gland Follower ITEM 13 CODE 3254
Flocculant Pump C0802 Sealhousing ITEM 17 CODE 3256
Flocculant C0802 Seal Housing Gasket ITEM 18 CODE 3259
Flocculant Pump C0802 Gland Section ITEM 20 CODE 3252
Flocculant Pump C0802 Extension Piece CODE 4096/4465
Flocculant C0802 Locting Ring ITEM 23 CODE 4469
Flocculant Pump C0802 Coupling Rod Pin ITEM 25 CODE 5057
Flocculant C0802 Retaining Sleeve ITEM 26 CODE 3498
Flocculant Pump C0802 O-Ring ITEM 27 CODE 3912
Flocculant Pump C0802 Circlip ITEM 28 CODE 4047
Flocculant Pump C0802 Stator p/n 74715 ITEM 31 CODE 74715
Flocculant Pump C0802 End Cover ITEM 32 CODE 3258
Flocculant Pump C0802 Tie Rod ITEM 33 CODE 1928
Flocculant C0802 Stain Steel Hcp Rotor 78860
Flocculant Pump C0802 Coupling Rod Bush ITEM 35 CODE 16040
Flo C0802 Stub Shaft/Rotor Bush/Yoke ITEM 36 CODE 3499
Flocculant Pump C0802 Nitrile Boot ITEM 37 CODE 3482
Flocculant Pump C0802 Nitrile Seal Ring ITEM 38 CODE 5059
Flocculant Pump C0802 Coupling Rod ITEM 40 CODE 3497
Flocculant Pump C0802 Nylon Backing ITEM 42 CODE 3538
Flocculant Pump C0802 Gland Stud p/n3011 ORBIT 3011
Flocculant Pump C0802 Gland Nut ITEM 47 CODE 81492
Flocculant Pump C0802 Nitrile Thrower ITEM 48 CODE 1039
Flocculant Pump C0802 Plug ITEM 100 CODE 4334
Flocculant Pump C0802 Mild Steel Nut ITEM 101 CODE 8001
Flocculant Pump C0802 Spring Washer ITEM 102CODE 83224
Flocculant Pump C0802 Mild Steel Bolt ITEM 105CODE 80468
Flo C0802 Steel Rolled Drive Spring Pin ITEM 150
Flocculant Pump C0802 Cast Iron Adaptor DRIVE 151-4917
Flocculant Pump C0501 Stubshaft ITEM 12 CODE 4457
Flocculant Pump C0501 Gland Follower ITEM 13 CODE 3569
Flocculant Pump C0501 Seal Housing ITEM 17 CODE 3571
Flocculant Pump C0501 Galand Section ITEM 20 CODE 3574
Flocculant Pump C0501 Extension Piece ITEM 21 CODE 4460
Floc C0501 Klingerite Ext. Piece Gasket 1720
Flocculant Pump C0501 Coupling Rod Pin ITEM 25 CODE 16008
Flocculant Pump C0501 Hypalon Stator ITEM 31 CODE 5796
Flocculant Pump C0501 End Cover ITEM 32 CODE 3597
Flocculant Pump C0501 Steel Tie Rod ITEM 33 CODE 1922
Flocculant Pump C0501 Rotor ITEM 34 CODE 5946
Flocculant Pump C0501 Nitrile Seal Ring ITEM 38 CODE 13748
Flocculant Pump C0501 Coupling Rod ITEM 40 CODE 15984
Flocculant Pumpc0501 Nylon Backing Ring ITEM 42 CODE 3578
Flocculant Pump C0501 Gland Packing Set ITEM 44 CODE 13756
Flocculant Pump C0501 Gland Stud ITEM 46 CODE 8012
Flocculant Pump C0501 Gland Nut ITEM 47 CODE 81476
Flocculant Pump C0501 Nitrile Thrower 17360/1039
Flocculant Pump C0501 Pin Cap ITEM 55 CODE 16012
Flocculant Pump C0501 Pin Cap Washer ITEM 56 CODE 8132
Flocculant C0501 Stainless Steel Plug ITEM 100 CODE 4334
Flocculant Pump C0501 Mild Steel Nut ITEM 101 CODE 8001
Flocculant Pump C0501 Spring Washer ITEM 102CODE 83224
Flocculant Pump C0501 Steel Bolt ITEM 105 CODE 8004
Flocc C0802 Mechanical Seal Repair Kit CODE 75458
Floc C0802 Roller Drive Spring Pin Mild ITEM 150
Floc C0802 Motor5HP 1760RPM Framed112Md MVM3615D
Floc C0501 Motor3HP 1760RPM Framed112Md MVM3615D
Flocculant Pump C0501 Viton Seal Repair CC501/502 35MM
Flocculant Pump C0501 Viton Seal Repair CC501/502 35MM
Flocculant Screw Feeder Bonfiglioli MVM3542D
Floccu Powder Stirrermarca Bonfiglioli MVM3461D
Filtro De Aire P/Soplador De Floculante 04-06977 EXEO 4001
Motor Baldor 5HP 3450RPM Bomba De Meta
Pump VS100 O3 Nc Casing 109859M1
Pump VS100 O3 Nc Impeller 215359M1
Pump VS100 O3 Inlet Case 124891
Pump VS100 O3 O-Ring 572321
Pump VS100 O3 Seal Ring 581520
Sump pumb VS100 O3 O-Ring p/n 584662 METSO 584662
Pump VS100 O3 V-Ring Seal 567535
Pump VS100 O3 Bearing 581479
Pump VS100 O3 Bearing Locknut 760061
Pump VS100 O3 Bearing Lockwasher 761084
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Nr Casing Casing 134246-M1
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Nr Impeller 567451
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Nr Inlet Lining 134247-M1
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Nr Wear Disc 70295-M1
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Packing Seal 1480031
Pump VS50 O4 D75 V-Ring Seal 538916
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Bearing 524135
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Bearing p/n 567550 METSO 567550
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Bearing Lockwasher 954128
Pump VS50 O4 D75 Ring Seal 953126
Pump VS150 O4 Nr Impeller 208629M1
Pump VS150 O4 Nr Liner 092714M2
Pump VS150 O4 O-Ring 953177
Pump VS150 O4 V-Ring Seal 548230
Pump VS150 O4 Bearing 524140
Pump VS150 O4 Bearing 957844
Pump VS150 O4 Bearing Locknut 579028
Pump VS150 O4 Bearing Lockwasher 579029
Pump VS150 O4 Seal Ring 956238
Disc Wear Vasa G 234-2 Hichrm VS50 L150 SA110059
Shaft Pump Sala VS50 L150 AXLE 1342091
Spacer Inner Sala Pump VS50 L150 567079
Deflector Spv304-100 Pump VS50 L150 1102232
Spacer Outer Sala Pump VS50 L150 567088
Seal V-Ring V60A Skf VS50 L150 SA950200/567536
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Inlet Door SA128489-1
Shaft Pump Sala 202323-M1
SumpVS100 L150 03A Hc Bearing/Shaft SA220806M1
Stuffing Box Packing(3180 Sag Mill Sump ITEM 106
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Shat End SA198323-2
Bearing (3180 Sag Mill Sump) ITEM 112
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Shatf SA219642-2
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Lipseal SA952939
Side Plate (3180 Sag Mill Sump) ITEM 176
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Key SA899018-130
Impeller Key (3180 Sag Mill Sump)
Impeller Nut (3180 Sag Mill Sump) ITEM 304
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Nut SA954181
Mechanical Seal (3180 Sag Mill Sump) ITEM 383
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Washer SA954132
Bearing (3180 Sag Mill Sump) ITEM 409
Sump VS100 L150 Bearing Cylinder Hsg SA093788A
Back Pull Out Assy (3180 Sag Mill Sump)
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc End Cover SA093789-A
Pump VS100 L150 03AHc End Cover 093792-3 METSO SA093792-3
Impeller (3180 Sag Mill Sump)
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Flinger SA310423-1
Amortiguador /Araña Acople Lovejoy38/45
Sump VS100 L150 03A Hc Distance Sleeve SA115472-1
Amortiguador /Araña Acople Lovejoy L195
Amortiguador /Araña Acople Lovejoy L100
Acop. LoveJoy 38/45 Torn 1-5/8" cuña3/8"
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc V-Ring SA950206
Faja 3Vx530(Sumidero Espesador Molienda 3VX530
Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc V-Ring p/n 953332 METSO 567530PS
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Screw SA950975
Sump VS100 L150 03A Hc Distance Ring SA198330-1
Back Liner Item 8 / VS50 L150 04D75 SA110059
VS100 L150 03AHc Distance Sleeve SA19833 METSO SA198331-1
Shaft Item 201 / VS50 L150 04D75 SA134209-1
Nut Item 208 / VS50 L150 04D75 SA954177
Sump VS100 L150 03A Hc Guard Agitator SA198329M1
Washer Item No209 / Sa954128 SA954128
Sump Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc Gasket SA101642-1
Distance Ring Item 215/ VS50 L150 04D75 SA101638-1
Pump VS100 L150 03AHc Gasket p/n157882-2 METSO SA157882-2
Slinger Item 217/ VS50 L150 04D75 SA110223-2
Distance Ring Item 218 /VS50 L150 04D75 SA115473-1
Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc O-Ring65751532091 METSO 65-751-532-091
Seal Ring Item 221 / Sa950200 SA950200
Pump VS100 L150 03A Hc O-Ring p/n 953144 METSO SA953144
Seal Ring Item 222 VS50 L150 04D75 SA953239
VS150 L180 Sheave Qd3Groove 5V 4.40 Sds 558248
SumpVS100 L150 Motor Ac3Ph 1800RPM 326T 589778
VS150 L180 Bushing Sheave Qd Sds 1-3/8" 519955
Sump VS100 L150 Sheave Qd 3 Groove 5V 519939
VS150 L180 Sheave Qd 3Groove 5V 12.50 E 539084
Sump VS100 L150 03Abushing Sheave Qd Sf 520008
VS150 L180 Bushing Sheave Qd E 22X14Mm 100044
Sump VS100 L150 Sheave Qd 3 Groove 5V 555789
VS150 L180 Shaft/Axel SA220874-2
VS100 L150 03A bushing Sheave p/n 553087 METSO 553087
VS50 L150 Sheave Qd 3Groove 3V 5.00 Sds 519837
Sump VS100 L150 Belt 5V Section 5Vx710 520408
VS50 L150 Bushing Sheave Qd Sds 1-3/8" 519955
Sump VS100 L150 Gasket Flange 4" 150 568458
VS50 L150 Sheave Qd3 Groove 3V 6.50 Sds 519903
Sump VS100 L150Cover Discharge Pipe 2179368
VS50 L150 Bushing Sheave Qd Sds 50Mm 515416
Strainer Suction VS50 316 Ss 180288M1
Agitador P/Bomba Sumidero VS100 L150 567180
Cyclone F.P. Liner Insert W/G10026Me62 G10041MA05
Cyclone Pump Intake Joint Ring G10060S01
Cyclone Pump Throatbushing W/G10026Me26 G10083MA05
Cyclone Pump Volute Liner G10110A05
Cyclone Pump Volute Liner Seal G10124S01
Discharge Joint Ring p/n G10132LS01 G10132LS01
Cyclone Pump Impeller 5Vcg G1047A05
Cyclone Pump Gland Packing G111Q21
Cyclone Pump Lantern Restrictor G118C02
Cyclone Pump Seal Ring G122S01
Cyclone Pump Shaft Sleeved Long Coatred SHO76J21
Cyclone Pump Bearing Seal Ring V-160A FF089-10S10
Cyclone Cojinete Timken, (S009 Weir) HM926749/HM926710D
Cyclone Pump Bearing,Cojinete Timken NU2226E MIA-C3
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Cover Plate Liner F8018R33
Slurry Frame Plate Liner F8036Mr62 F8036MR33
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Trhoatbush FMF8083R33
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Shaft O-Ring E109S50
Slurry Bearing Seal Crw#401200/V-120A E089-10S10
Slurry 200 Emf Piston Ring Hook Style E108HG01
Slurry Pump Intake Joint Ring Front FAHF6060S01
Slurry Pump Impeller Flow Indicator 8Vn FMF8049QU1A05
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Shaft Sleeve E075C21
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Bearing E009
Slurry Pump 200 Emf Lantern Restrictor E118C02
Slurry 200 Emf O-Ring Impeller Seal F084S50
Slurry Pump Fs End Cover Shim Set E025P10
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Impeller 5Vcg C2147A05
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Shaft O-Ring C109S50
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Gland Packing C111Q21
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Lantern Restrictor C118-1P50
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Stuffing Box C078D21
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Shaft Spacer C117C21
Slurry Pu 3-2 Caf O-Ring Impeller Seal C217S50
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Metric Shaft Wrench C306M65978
Slurry 3-2 Caf Metric Bearing Housing C004MG01
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Bearing C009
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Grease Retainer C046G01
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Labyrinth Locknut C061E62
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Labyrinth C062-10D81
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Metric Shaft Key C07ME05
Slurry Bearing Seal Crw#400750/V-75A C089-10S10
Slurry Pump 3-2 Caf Metric Shaft C073XLME05
Slurry 3-2 Caf Bearing Assy Metric/-10 C005XLM
Slurry 3-2 Caf Fs End Cover Shim C025P10
Bearing ( Drive End ) S009D
Fusible Ferraz Shawmut Amp-Trap 400A A70QS400-4
Cover Plate Bolt-2Nuts Mtrc. G10015ME66
Labyrinth Sockt Set Screw Fs 12X30Mm G8 M12A2-30H
End Cover SO24-10D81
Labyrinth Drive End Mtrc. SO062DM-10D81
End Cover Set Screw SO27ME62
Labyrinth SO62-10D81
Pump Sheave Item 9 Drwing 1151491-010 VW8V35.5X12K
Bushing 120Mm Item 9 Drwing 1151491-010 VWP-120MM
Motor Sheave VW8V14.0X12
Motor Bushing 4.0 Dia With Bolts VWM-4.000
Filtro Parker # 92199910C K2201 Fa35-10 92199910C FA35-10
Cilindro Hyd. Parker Serie Ee362540A 7517 KGD16
Kit Mayor D/Sello P/Cilindro Hidraulico MOD 7517 EE362540A
Bomba Hidraulica Sist.Parkerh39 9.4Gpm
Base Filtro C/Manometro S.Hyd Parkerh39
Regulador D/Presion Sist Hyd Parker H39 DAMAN 1106 AD05CPP
Visor Nivel Aceite Sist Hyd. Parker H39
Manometro Winters 0/3,000 Psi WINTERS 0-3000 PSI
Control Hyd.Northman Fluid Power Inc. HDT033C210N960707
Motor Baldor 15HP 1760RPM F 254Tc 60Hz
Cover Plate Liner Item12 Warman 3/2C-Ah C2017M
Frame Plate Liner Item20 Warman 3/2C-Ah C2036M
Flow Booster Smc Cyclone Control Valves NVBA-T04. 112407
Slurry Pipe Wrap 2" 42039 FAA0013EA
Slurry Pipe Wrap 3" 42039 FAA0014EA
Clarifier Feed Impeller 4V W/Tfl O-Ring 0C03026A1203
Clarifier Feed Pump Shaft Alloy Steel RD04875A 2249
Clarifier Feed Pump Locknut Bearing AN15 8601-3015
Clarifier Feed Pump 316Ss Impeller Nut B02152A03 1203
Clarifier Feed Skfw15Bearing Lockwasher 8910-0015
Calrifier Feed Pump Coupling Key 49568 403 2213
Clarifier Feed Pump Maintenance L Kit R180MKL
Clarifier Feed Pwr 3180L Oil 4340Sft P80PELONP0O010
Wash Water D Pump O-Ring 316Ss 0C03038A 1203
Wash Water D Shaft Alloy Steel RD04859A 2249
Wash Water D Pump Throttle Bushing B02191A04 3211
Wash Water D Pump Locknut Bearing 8601-3018
Wash Water D Pump Cs Impeller Key A03190A04 2213
Wash Water D Pump Impeller Nut B02152A94
Wash Water D Pump Cs Coupling Key 49568 457 2213
Wash Water D Pump End Pwr3180 Oil Shaft P80PEX0NP0O010
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump Impeller O-Ring 90775 63 1203
Ccd No.1 Alloy 4340 Shaft RD04875A 2249
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump Trhottle Bushing B02191A03 3211
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump Cs Impeller Key A03190A03 2213
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump Impeller Nut B02152A03 1203
Ccd No.1 O/F Pumpvbx Labyrinth Oil Seal A04951A93
Ccd No.1 O/F Cs Coupling Key 9568 403 2213
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump Maintenance R180MKL
Ccd No.1 O/F Pump End Pwr Oil Nc Shaft P80PEL0NP0O010
Ccd Gland Seal Water Pump 5Vane Impelle 767801013
Ccd Gland Seal Water Pump Shaft R104-435 2238
Ccd Gland Seal Water P. Locknut Bearing SKF N-06 8601-0006
Ccd Seal Wat Pvbxx-D Labyrinth Outboard A04951A128
Grinding Gland Water P. Impell O-Ring 0C03393A 1203
Grinding Gland Water Pump Frame Adapter R262-94 1013
Grinding Gland Water Pump Shaft Desing RC03044A 2238
Grinding Gland P.Vbxx-D Labyrinth Seal A04951A132
Grinding Gland P. Vbxx-D Labyrinth Seal A04951A131
Grinding Gland Water Pump Lockwasher 8910-0010
Grinding Gland Water P. Square End Key 49568 302 2213
Gland Water End Pwr Oil Ws4140Nc P1600L0S00X050
Process Water D Pump Frame Adapter RD04560A011013
Process Water D Pump Locknut Bearingskf N-13 8601-0013
Process Water D Pump Cover Stuffing Box RD04573A021012
Process Water D Outboard Labyrinth Seal A04951A 134
Process Water D Inboard Labyrinth Seal A04951A133
Process Water D Pump Square End Key 49568 409 2213
Process Water D Pump Maintenance Kit R196-MKX17
Process Water D Pump End Pwr Oil P160070S00X050
Casing Ductile Iron A707203C ITEM 100
Roller Bearing Skf 6311 8050-31160
Impeller W/Tfln O-Ring A707203C ITEM101
Ball Bearing Skf 6310 A/C3 R8057 3 1029
Ventilador de motor bomba agua de sello 375602
O-Ring As568-245 Bunan A707203C ITEM 496
Gasket Adapt Bellumoid A707203C ITEM 360D
O-Ring As568-28 Teflon A707203C ITEM 412A
O-Ring Viton A707203C Gld 3196 ITEM 497F
O-Ring As568-32 Buna-N A707203C ITEM 497G
O-Ring As568-224 Viton A707203C ITEM 497H
O-Ring As568-39 Buna-N A707203C ITEM 497J
Bearing Lock Washer Bombas Boosters ITEM 382
Sello Mecanico 1-5/8"
Sello Mecanico 1-3/16"
O-Rings Thrust Labyrinth Seal ITEM 497F
Power End - (Goulds 3196 Mtx 1.5X3-13 P1600M0S00Z050
O-Rings Thrust Labyrinth Seal /Stat ITEM 497G
Frame Adapter (Goulds 3196 Mtx 1.5X3-13 RD11802A 1013
O-Rings Thrust Labyrinth Seal/Stat ITEM 497J
Sello De Laberinto Lado Casing Lf3196 ITEM 333A
O-Ring ImpuLSor Teflon (Goulds 3196) ITEM 412A
Stuffing Box Cover Iron Goulds 3196 ITEM 184
Shaft 122
Shaft Sleeve 126
Retaining ring/clamp ring 253B
Lab seal 0B 332A 332A
Lab seal 1B 333A 333A
Bearing Lockwasher 392 392
Cover bearing 108A 108A
Bearing lock nut 136 136
wash impeller 199C 199C
H cap screw(Brghsg fra) 370C 370C
Bearing Lockwasher 382 382
Sq end key (clpg) 400
Impeller 101
Spider impeller 101A
Shaft (stationary) 122A
Clamp ring containment 141C
Key impeller to bearing 178S
Key drive carrier 178Y
Bearing (radial) 197B
Bearing (reverse thrust) 197C
Bearing impeller (rotating) 197D
Repair Kit 906A 906A
Ccd Gland Seal Water Impeller Duct Iron 101ST/STX
Sello John Crane Dim:3.250"Dib-43702-2 TYPE 5611-Q
Deaeration Vacuum Pump Gasket Liquid 500016
Deaeration Vacuum Pump Packing Ring 500115
Precipitation Pump Ball Bearing R8057 3 1223
Precipitation Pump Wear Case Ring C00352A19 1001
Precipitation Pump Radial Bearing 8050-21361
Refinery Sump Pump Suction Cover 022-751-14
Refinery Sump Pump Stud Bolt 144-533-19
Mercury Retort Pump Oil Casing 029-347-14
Mercury Retort Pump V-Ring 122-433-13
Mercury Retort Pump Shaft Sleeve 071-297-19
Precipation Pump Cover Ring C00352A20
Mercury Retort Pump Impeller 021-F73-17
Mercury Retort Pump Pump Casing 020-B19-18
Mercury Retort Pump Retainer 127-249-12
Mercury Retort Pump Packing O-Ring Set 173-472-19
Mercury Retort Pump Suction Cover 022-749-19
Conector Tubbing Acero Al Carbon 16Mm
Level Transmitter Levelflex-M FMP40-APR2CNJF21EA
Reducer Only Type Kaf87A Sew Eurodrive KAF87DV112M4-KS
Motor Only Type Dfv112M4-Ks 5.4HP Tefc KAF87DV112M4-KS
Reducer Only Type Faf87A Sew Eurodrive FAF87DV132M4
Precipation Pump Casing Gasket A01045A05
Motor Only Type Dfv132M4-Ks 10HP Tefc FAF87DV132M4
Acople Falk 1060T10B Torn 1-3/8"-2-1/8"
Fusible Shawmut Amp-Trap 600A 700V A70QS600-4K
Retenedor De Aceite 65X100X10/9.5 Cfw FBAFUB4SL1QRW X 7
Retenedor De Aceite 75X100X10 DFW BAUD4SL
Precipitation Pump O-Ring CO2495A2495302
Precoat Pump N-Asbest Discharge Gasket C02253A02 5108
Precoat Pump N-Asbest Suction Gasket C02253A015108
Precoat Pump Skf Ac3 Ball Bearing 8049-30600
Precoat Pump Skf 6207 Ball Bearing 8050-20760
Precoat Pump Packing No. A01063A42 A01063A42
Clarifier Feed Pump 12/4Mm Element 902M120C
Clarifier Feed Pump Oil Seal 026-105-22
Retort Area Sump Pump Packing O-Ring 173-513-13
Refinery Sump Pump Packing O-Ring Kit 173-515-15
Diesel Fuel Pump Viking Model C456
Clarified Filter Drive Shaft Assy Vring 683490003
Clarified Filter Drv Shaft Out Bearing 1631-3
Clarified Filter Outer Shaft Adaptor 164090168
Clarified Filter Inner Adaptor 164090168
Clarified Filter Bearing Thrust 1633-32 164090169
Clarified Filter Inner Shaft Bearing 164090166
Clarified Filter Toggle Bearing 164090059
Clarified Filter Toggle Bearing 164090058
Clarified Filter Spray O-Ring 543490002
Clarified Filter Door Gasket 4934900034
Clarifi Filter Leaf Cloth Cover Gasket J00006-1467
Clarifie Filter Leaf Cloth Cover Gasket 494490014
Clarifie Filter Leaf Cloth Cover Gasket J00006-820-15
Clarif Filter Leaf Cloth Cover 1 Ft 782090001
Clarif Filter Leaf Cloth Cover Buckles 782090002
Precipitate Filter Oil Filter 1126502
Precipi Filter Relief Valve Cartridge 10057602
Precipit Filter Check Valve Cartridge 11798501
Precipit Filter Release Valve Cartridge 11798602
Retort Vacuum Srbb Dpgrv 72Mm Od Brg 500039
Retort Vaccum Pump 1/4"X7-5/8"X1" 500787
Retort Water Recirculation Repair Kit
Shaking Screens SAZ24A701028
Flux Mix Proximity Switch Allen Bradley 87AC-A5N18-2
Flux Mixer Uhmw (Sp700) Seal Washer 24-3260
Flux Mixer Uhmw (Sp701) Lantern Ring 24-3380
Flux Mixer Uhmw (Sp702) Follower Ring 24-3500
Flux Mixer Tfe Packing Ring No. 25-0420 25-0420
Flux Mixer 1/2"X 1-1/2" G8 Blade Bolt 72-0395
Flux Mixer Tipper Door Shear Pin Set 50 98372A147
Flux Mix Tipper Mixer Convy. Pin Set 20
Flux Tipper To Mixer Convy. Pin Set 20 5/16'
Precoat Feed Agitaror High Speed Seal 800202-00012
Precoat Feed Agitator Slow Speed Seal P8700202-0001
Precoat Body Feed Agitator Gasket Shim P8000299-00017
Dissoved Oxigen Meter Sensor Rosemount 0499ADO-54
Presure Gauge (Manometro)
Ss Isolator Pressure Gauge(Manometro)
Plant Level Transmitter Electronic
Zinc Feeder 1-1/2" Valve Larad 1.5-22-000801NO
Sprocket Assembly Whittier 214190128
Bearing Thrust Washer 164090169
Support Central Arrow (Front) Inox 316
Support Central Arrow (Intermed)Inox316
Timer Board For Dft Collector p/n 610511 8PP 24895-00
Refinery Sump Pump Oil Ring Ht-2530 030-127-10
Thickener Rake Drive Rilief Valve HY.V.RD.P
Marprene Tm 17Mm Cam And Groove 3/4" 902.M170.PPC
Vacuum Pump Shim Set P-510-M-004
A-Asy Stem Assembly Wo 150278 7610.2
Oil Filter For Precipitation Filter
Bearing Front Toogle (F. Clarificadores 164090059
Nut Hex 170090021
Nut Hub Inox 316 170090022
Jet Sprays 5208-12 211190001
Gasket Door 3606-49
Gasket Band Epdm 494490014
O-Ring Spray Header 7352-49 543490002
BucheLS Stainless Steel (Buckles) 782090002
Acople Rexnord Thomas 350 Sr 71 B
Hydraulic Actuator Parker (Flux Mixer)
Repair Kit Hyd Actuator (Flux Mixer)
Hydraulic Actuator Parker (Flux Mixer)
Repair Kit Hyd Actuator (Flux Mixer)
36" Dia X 6'-0" Liner X 1/4" Hr 1691106
Mainshaft 3-7/16" Dia X 116" Cs 13-6383
Bearing K/Di 3-7/16" Non-Exp Pillow 15-4650
Bearing K/Di 3-7/16" Exp Pillow 15-4700
Arm No. 6T Rh (36 3/7/16) 17-0730
Arm No. 6T Lh (36 3-7/16) 17-0740
Cap 8T Ductile 3-4/16" Shaft 19-0042
Blade Cs 5/16-36 Boca Rh 20-1840
Blade Cs 6/16-36 Boca Lh 20-1845
Solenoid Neumatic 082Ss43Ak 31-5010
Metering Valve 1/8" Npt Mv-25 31-5200
Relay 700-Hb32A1 With Hn 127 Base 45-0110
Kgl 8 W1S1 Marion Mixer Model: Bpc-3672 47-2110
Arm Key 1/2" Sq. X 4-1/2" Long Cs 58-1400
V-Belt (Faja) Bx-90 62-1890
Cm Rail Star Motor Driven Trolley 94855T
Condenser High Level Switch CP 2002 E 033
Filtro Parker P/Neumatic Parker 150Psi 06F25AC
Impeller (3410 6X8-11) ITEM 101
Wear Ring (3410 6X8-11) 103
Lantern Ring Glass Teflon (3410 6X8-11) 105
Stuffing Box Packing (3410 6X8-11) 106-5026
Stuffing Box Gland (3410 6X8-11) 107-1203
Shaft Sleeve (3410 6X8-11) 126-1618
Labyrinth Seal Ib (3410 6X8-11) 333A-6241
Shaft (3410 6X8-11) 122-2238
Retaing Ring Thrust (3410 6X8-11)
Gasket Sleeve To Impeller (3410 6X8-11) 428-5180
Bearing Housing (3410 6X8-11) 134-1000
Stuffing Box Bushing (3410 6X8-11) 125-3211
Thrust Bearing End Cover (Goulds 3410) ITEM 109A
Cojinete Skf 5306 A/C3 (Goulds 3410) 5306 A/C3
Radial Bearing End Cover (Goulds 3410) 119A
Grease Deflector (Goulds 3410) ITEM 123
Wearing Ring (Goulds 3410) ITEM 164
Gland Packed Box (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 107
Thrust Bearing End (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 109A
Radial Bearing End (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 119A
Grease Deflector (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 123
Throat Bushing (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 125
Shaft Sleeve (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 126
Bearing Lock Nut (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 136
Wearing Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316 Inox) ITEM 164
Impeller C/Anillos (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 101
Impeller Wear Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 202
Impeller Screw (Goulds 3910 Ss316 Inox) ITEM 198
Impeller Wear Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 203
Gasket Radial Bearing(Goulds 3910 Ss316 ITEM 360
Gasket Waterjacket (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 360 U
O-Ring Trust Bearing (Goulds 3910 Ss316 ITEM 412
O-Ring Water Jacket (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 412 S
Bearing Lock Washer (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 382
Impeller Key (Goulds 3910 Ss316) ITEM 178
Mating Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) H25015699221
O-Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 409549
Primary Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) H25015689055
O-Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 1519549
Anti-Extusion Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) H25015880550
Spring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 7597
O-Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 2499549
Snap Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 4US268XXXX20500
O-Ring (Goulds 3910 Ss316) 2299549
Spacer (Goulds 3910 Ss316) D00026840570
Impeller Nut (Goulds 3910 Ss316 Inox) ITEM 304
Heating Element Ferrule Sets MR 2002 M 006
Kit De Reparacion (Equiv. 8Pp-28857-01) 8PP-AD31931-01
Valvula Goyen 110/120V 8PP-AD31930-01
Valvula Goyen 110/120V 8PP-24277-00
Filtros (Extractor De Humo Horno) P190914-016-340
Wheel (Extractor De Humo Horno) 737
Shaft (Extractor De Humo Hornoairprofan 1466
Bearing (2 Per Fan (Extract Humo Horno PB22435H
Belts (Fajas) (2 Per Set) Airprofan BP105
Sheave Airprofan 9.4X2B-SK
Sheave Airprofan 7.4X2B-SK
Gasket Hub J00006146
Sellos De Eje Jhon Crane De 1" Diametro 2130455
Motor Hidraulico Parker S/550 Mo550T017 550T01710SANNNNN15
Over Temperature Switch CP 2002 E 031
Over-Temperature Switch CP-2002-E-031
Condenser High Level Switch CP-2002-E-033
Temperature Controller CP-2002-E034
Circuit Card 18Ezopto-3P CP-7510-E-005
Rc Circuit Card CP-7510-E-006
Replacement Scr CP-7510-E-007
150 Amp Fuse CP-7510-E-008
Scr Controller Complete CP-7510-E-014
Stem Assembly KGD De 10" 7610.2
Thermocouple 18" MR-2002-E-002
Thermocouple 8" MR-2002-E-003
Heating Element Mr-2002-E-004 K14W-0287
Dial Thermometer MR-2002-M-005
Heating Element Ferrule S-1010-1-012BT SWAGELOK S-1010-1-012BT
Door Gasket 100 Ft Spool MR-2002-M-007
Solenoide Valve 3/4" MR-2002-M-022
2" Solenoid Valve MR-2002-M-023
Kit Rod Gland 10333621
Valve Air 4 Way 12394201
Slid Block Follower 12256301
Bellows 10137603
Oil Filter 11126502
Manifold Block 12394902
Relief Valve Cartridge 10057602
Check Valve Cartridge 11798501
Valve Release Cartridge 11795602
Element Only For Air Filter 10936404
Spatulas 10065401
Gasket Door 33606-49 Epdm J00006-146
Gland (P/N 320) 200274
Neck Ring (P/N 400) 200517
Impeller (P/N 31) 201397
Impeller (P/N 30) 201400
Intermediate (P/N 10) 201511
Intermediate (P/N 13) 201515
Intermediate (P/N 12) 201519
Impeller (P/N 31) 206750
Solenoid Valve 3/4" MR 2002 M 022
Bearing (P/N 230 / 231) 500039
Bearing (P/N 230) 500112
Packing Ring (P/N 400) 500114
Packing Ring (P/N 431) 500115
Bearing Sleeve Part No. 232 (Vacuum) 500125
Lantern Ring (Vacuum Pump)
Mechanical Seal (P/N 500) 504290
Intermediate (P/N 10) (4510 Pum 005) 700155
Intermediate (P/N 11) 700157
Intermediate (P/N 12) 700158
Bearing (P/N 231) 700173
Shaft Sleeve (P/N 270) 700174
Intermediate (P/N 11) 701233
Shaft (P/N 200) 200 / 702449
Bearing Davit 1646-26 J00006-731-16
Bearing Thrust-Davit J00006-731-17
Bearing 1602 164090125
Nut 2" Shaft 316 Stainless Steel 170090072
Retainer Plate 7612 Stainless Steel 214190129
Shaft Washer 2" Flat Zp J00006-810-29
V-Rings 7690-49 Epdm 683490003
Bearing Outer Shaft 1631-32,25%Glass-Fi 164090068
Adapter Outer Shaft 1632-32,25%Glass-Fi 164090067
Adapter Inner Shaft 1632-32,25%Glass-Fi 164090067
Bearing Thrust 1633-32,25% Glass-Filled 164090169
Bearing Inner Shaft 1630-32,25% Teflon 164090066
Gasket Ring 3660-49 Epdm 493490032
Outer Sleeve 110936-191
Inner Sleeve 110936-192
Gasket-Inner Sleeve 110936-810-18
Bearing Front Toggle1640-32,25% Teflon 164090059
Gasket Hub 1467-49 Epdm 493490087
Gasket Band Epdm 493490088
Stud Hub 8518-12 316 Stainless Steel 170490010
Nut Hub Hex 316 Stainless Steel 170090022
Washer Hub Split Lock 316 Ss 172090029
Gasket Leaf Seal Epdm 493490089
Flat Washer 316 Stainless Steel 172090022
O-Ring Spray Header 7352-49 Epdm 543490002
Gasket Spray Header Epdm
Chain Drive 1-0" Lg(Sold By 10 For Box) 119990001
Solenoid Valve 2"(Venteo Retorta)p/n6118 6118 MR2002M023
Gearmotor Serie 200 De 3HP QTN250351B330
Temperature Controller CP 2002 E 034
Elemento flexible p/acople LoveJoy S-Fle S-FLEX 6E
Compresor marca TRANE p/n COM6426 COM6426
Termostato Vertical Honeywell T834L1004 T834L1004
Replacement meter head assy m3/hr L0234-10 6" OT 110 MCCROMETER
Current transformer BENDER type W2-S70 W2-S70
Vibratory horn, model 350 Federal Signal
Warrick conductivity sensor code: 3E2A WARRICK 3E2A
Contactor serie 16 modules serie 16MB1M0 16MB1M0
SCR power controller PC31-F25B-0000 WATLOW PC31-F25B-0000
Ground fault monitor RCM470LY RCM470LY
Fuse power series model PC1X-N25 rat 200 PC1X-N25
Tornillo alimentador de hornos de refine
Faja BX112 tipo V dentada Goodyear
Linear Screen Spray Nozzle Duck Tail NZ 956
Linear Limit Switch LS 1083
Linear Screen Cloth Deltex LS 1000/30 CB 964
Linear Screen Filter Regulator Fb 966 FB 966
Linear Screen Cloth Roller CR 1032
Retenedor De Aceite 32-52-7
Linear Screen Drive Unit 5Ew (Delkor) FA97GAD3
Camtac Control Valve (Delkor) 116-KA-002-05
Camtac Control Valve Arm (Delkor) 116-KE-001-01
Deltracker (Delkor) 116-KB-001-01
Thickener Gearbox Sealing Kit S.T.GB.SE
Thickener Gearbox Hydraulic Motor Input S.T.GB.AD
Thickener Hydraulic Motor S.T.Mo S.T.MO
Thickener Electric Motor El.M.Pp EL.M.PP
Thickener Rake Drive And Lift Hyd. Pump HY.P.RDL
Thickener Hydraulic Filter Element HY.F.EL
Thickener Hydraulic Oil Level Switch S.T.GB.OL.S
Thickener Rake Drive Directional Valve HY.V.RD.D
Thickener Rake Drive Flow Control Valve HY.V.RD.F
Thickener Rake Drive Pressure Switch HY.S.PR
Thickener Rake Lift Check Valve HY.V.RL.C
Thickener Rake Lift Directional Valve HY.V.RL.D
Thickener Rake Lift Flow Control Valve HY.V.RL.F
Thickener Rake Lift Relief Valve HY.V.RL.P
Thickener Rake Lift Cylinder 610Mmxd3In S.T.RL.C.30610
Thickener Rake Lift Cylinder Seal Kit S.T.RL.C.SK30610
Pressure Transmitter Model: Deltabar FMD230-2K3H9EA1DDK
Pressure Transmiter Emdress Deltabar FMD77
Valvula Solenoide PulgRexrothPulg R900906672
Seal Kit For Reducer Outotec OS841.GB.K.SKN
Bed Level Detection Probe BLD-2000
Gravity Concentrator Rotor Lip Ring S382102
Gravity Concentrator Feed Pipe S381606
Gravity Concentrator Ss Basket S382107
Gravity Concent Ss Rotating Union Assy 531014
Gravity Concentrator Drive Belt 408001
Gravity Concentrator Upper Bearing 444001
Gravity Concentrator Lower Bearing 441001
Gravity Concent Rotating Union Rebuild 532013
Gravity Motor Tefc 40HP 1775RPM F324T EM411OT
Grease Distributor Lower Bearing S382207
O-Ring Glue
O-Ring Cord 10 Feet 0.139 520003
O-Ring Cord 200 Feet 0.210 520004
Main 2" Back PreSS Hose Falcon C. 311001 X 28'
Rinse Nozzles 1/4F 1540 Falcon C. 317001
Rotor Hose Assembly C/W Fitting 323001
Sproket Eagle Drive G-385-Sf Falcon C. 427001
Rotor Shaft Sprocket
Upper Bearing Taconite Seal Falcon C. 451001
Rotating Union Assembly Ss Falcon C. 531014
Ni-Hard Impeller Baffle Falcon C. 5381108
Bearing Cartridge S/A Falcon C. 5381201
Cynadation Reactor Pressure Transmitter 1E009E
Cynadation Reactor Md Controller 1E350
Cynadation Reactor System Power Supply 1E350A
Cynadation React 2 Wide Power Control 1E350B
Cynadation Simplexh1 Fieldbus Interface 1E350D
Cynadation Foundation Power Conditioner 1E350G
Cynadation Reactor Proximity Switch 1E501
Cynadation Reactor Ab Red Puchbutton 1E509B
Cynadation Reactor Ab Green Puchbutton 1E509C
Cynadation Reactor Ab Selector Switch 1E509D
Cynadation Ab Emergency Stop Button 1E509J
Cynadation 20 Amp 480 Volt Insolator 1E521C
Cynadation 24 Volt Vega Level Sensor 1E522K
Cynadation Reactor Ge Circuit Breaker 1E630
Cynadation Reactor Ge Circuit Breaker 1E630A
Cynadation Load Cell R1200 Analog Mod 1E800
Cynadation Reactor Load Cell Ka5000/Z KA5000/Z 1E807
Cynadation 1" Burkert Valve W/Flange 1G007A
Cynadation Ilr Inlet Seal Rubber Membra 1M105A
Cynadation Ilr1000 Discharge Rubb Skirt 1M122B
Cynadation Ilr1000 Batch Basket 3Mm Rub 1M124A
Cynadation 5HP 460V R137 Brake Motor 2E008W
Cynadatio Warman Pump Cover Plate Liner 4M301B
Cynadation Reactor Warman Pump Impeller 4M301G
Cynadation Reactor Warman Pump Expeller 4M301G
Cynadation Reactor Warman Pump Packing 4M301P
Cynadation Warman Impeller O-Ring 4M301Q
Cynadatio Warman Pmp Shaft Sleeve Oring 4M301R
Cynadation Warman Pump Shaft Sleeve 4M301S
Cynadation Warman Pump Lantern Ring 1 4M301T
Cynadation Warman Pump Expeller Ring 4M301U
Cynadatio Warman Pump Frame Plate Liner 4M301V
Cynadatio Reactor Warman Pump Expeller 4M301W
Cynadatio 65Mm Flexible Pipe Joint Coup 4M688
Cynadatio 1/4"Npt SSbreamar Check Valve 6M015
Cynadation Reactor 25Mm Ss Ball Valve 6M221
Cynadation 25Mm Butterfly Edpm Seat Kit 6M226L
Cynadatio 25Mmbutterfly Epdm Seat Liner 6M226E
Cynadation Sandpiper Pump Teflon 6M305
Cynadation Sandpiper Spares Kit Teflon 6M305A
Cynadation 50Mm Kg V P1 F952 176 Kit 6M526L
Cynadation Reactor 50Mm Kg Hw F952 170 6M526M
Cynadation 50Mm Bf Epdm Seat Seat Liner 6M53901
Cynadatio 50Mm Butterfly Valve Seat Kit 6M539L
Cynadation 50Mm Butterfly Urethane Seat 6M539K
Cynadation 80Mm Kg Valve P1 F952 176 6M626L
Cynadation Reactor Pressure Switch 7M003C
Cynadation 1/8" 10 Bank Manifold 7M013
Cynadation 24Vdc 5/2 Solenoid Valve 7M013A
Cynadation Reactor 24Vdc Led Indicator 7M013B
Cynadation Ilr Series Bearing&Housing 8M306
Cynadation 290Mm Long Wheel 4140 Shaft 8M709
Cynadation Reactor 2A X 150 Pulley 8M713
Cynadation Reactor 2 X 250 Pulley 8M713B
Cynadation Taperlock Bushing 2012 X 28 8M714
Cynadation Reactor Spa1550 V-Belt 8M715F
Cynadation Full Chain 1/2Rs160-1 Ilr100 8M717A
Cynadation Link To Suit Rs160 Chain 8M717B
Cynadation 1/2 Link To Suit Rs160 Chain 8M717C
Cynadatio 18 Tooth As160 W40 Hub 70 Dia 8M717E
Cynadatio Rosta Tensioning Element Se38 8M731
Cynadation 9 Tooth As160 Sprocket 8M731A
Cynadation Reactor Perma Brush 8M921A
Kit Reparaciòn Actuador Neumati Keyston 69LU27
Valvula De Bola 1" Inox 316 Roscada BA-3001 1000 WOG
Valvula Bola Apollo 1" Acero Al Carbon BA-2050T 600 WOG
Main Power Pack Steering Actuator Kit 50307-2
Main Power Pack Wheel Drive Motor Kit PE444001
Main Power Pack Drive Control Valve Kit 5GUA010400
Main Power Pack Wheel Axle Bearing FC900X2.5
Main Power Pack Sterring Thrust Bearing 30TP107
Main Power Pack System Selector Valve S-50
Main Frame Power Pack Steering Chain 80RIV
Main Frame Power Pack Main Pump Kit 919683
Main Power Pack Return Filter Element TTE-60-10
Crane Boom Turret Drive Motor Kit 60540
Crane Boom Turret Drive Motor 101-1728
Crane Boom Turret Drive Chain RC-100
Crane Boom Rotary Manifold Kit MI-2405-SK
Crane Boom Upper Extend Cylinder Kit SK 4208
Crane Boom Lower Extend Cylinder Kit SK 4209
Crane Boom Cylinder Lift Kit SK-4211
Crane Boom Crane Control Kit 5GUA010400
Crane Boom Clutch Friction Pad FC-240-P
Main Beam Drive Motor Kit 60539
Main Beam Beam Drive Motor 103-1048
Main Beam Beam Drive Chain 60RIV
Main Dolly Drive Shaft Coupling 5016-1.25
Main Beam Dolly Coupling Chain 5016
Main Beam Dolly Drive Shaft Bearing F4BXC104
Main Beam Dolly Drive Cable Assembly ML-071248-449.5EE
Main Beam Doly Drive Motor Kit 60539
Main Beam Dolly Drive Control Valve CVAC-200-1/2
Liner Hand Double Halogen Lamp Assy 24V HELLA 996991013
Liner Handler Rotary Brush Assembly S10EP106MCL1
Liner Handler Rotary Brush RCAA080959B-8
Liner Handler Temperature Switch 7079K18
Swivel Hook 3 Tones Marca Johnson MODEL 3JHM S/3699
Espiga Legran 3Ph 3Polos T-M Completa 32AM-6H-480-500V
Gravity Feed Scr Polyethylene Side Bar 5G24
Gravity Feed Screen Wooden Wedge 1258W
Gravity Feed Screen Urethane Panel 300600P30-2.0X118
Gravity Feed Screen Urathane Side Panel 310600P30-2.0X118
Gravity Feed Suspension Coil Spring1600 SDS-512-6-5
Feed Trunnion Lineer Ed05721001 ED05721001
Discharge Trunnion Linner ED05721002
Red Valve 1" S/70 Hypalon Cone Sleeve S7-010-C-005-04PO
Red Valve 1-1/2" S/700 Hypalon Sleeve S7-015-C-007-04PO
Red Valve 3" S/70 Hypalon Cone Sleeve S7-030-C-015-04PO
Red Valve 1" S/70 Hypalon TFO StiffneSS 50 TFO-010
Red Valve1" Hypalon Tfo StiffneSS 10 TFO-010
4" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Pinch Valve
Pinch Valve 10"Serie 70
Pinch Valve 4" Serie 70
1" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Pinch Valve
2" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Pinch Valve
3" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Pinch Valve
8" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Pinch Valve
Pinch Valve 6" Natural Gum Rubber Sleve PVJ0927
1-1/2" pure gum rubber sleeve pinch valv
12" Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Series 70
Valve 16" KGD16 Gum Sleeve 08800 8800
Valve 16" KGD16 Cylinder Repair Kit Npn
Valve 8" KGD8 Cylinder Repair Kit 19207
Valve 12" KGD12 Gum Sleeve 8796
Valve 10" KGD10 Gum Sleeve 8794
Valve 10" KGD10 Cylinder Repair Kit 110865
Valve 16" KGD16 Gum Sleeve 8800
Valve 14" KGD10 Cylinder Repair Kit 110865
Microswitch Fin De Carrera Palanca
Hand Wheel KGD Valve 10" 7384
Sst-316 Gate 7490
Sst-17-4 Ph Gate p/n 074909 for KGD8MHN2 7490.9
Sst- Gate For Klb8
Epdm Secondary Seal 8187
B6 Bellows Stem (S-Assy)
Stem Nut Base Válvula KGD 8" p/n 46841 46841
Clevis Pin 47020
Secondary Seal Retainer 47026
Knife Gate Valve Lm 4"(Valvula Cuchilla 04M3545C110-MH-Z
Gate Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Clevis Pin Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Seal Secundary Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Retainer Plate Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Yoke Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Jam Nut Para Valvula KGD De 10"
Bevel Gear For Valve KGD De 10"
Stem Assembly For Valve KGD De 10"
Stem Nut For Valve KGD De 10"
Yoke For Valve KGD De 10"
Gate Para Valvula KGD Size 12"
Clevis Pin Para Valvula De 12" KGD
Seal Secundary Para Valvula De 12" KGD
Retainer Plate Para Valvula De 12" KGD
Yoke Para Valvula KGD Size 12"
Jam Nut Para Valvula KGD Size 12"
Knife Gate Valve 14" (Valvula Cuchilla) 10-2134M ORBINOX
Bebel Gear Para Valvula KGD Size 14"
Stem Assembly Para Valvula KGD Size 14"
Stem Nut Para Valvula KGD Size 14"
Yoke Para Valvula KGD Size 14"
Clevis Pin Para Valvula De 16" KGD
Seal Secundary Para Valvula De 16" KGD
Retainer Plate Para Valvula De 16" KGD
Yoke Para Valvula Size 16" Modelo KGD
Jam Nut P/ Valvula Size 16" Modelo KGD
Stem Assembly 7609.2
D14-Nitrile-Htp 8792.4
Hand Wheel 8" KGD Valve
36" Carrying Idler STC-353660-C
24" Carrying Idler STC-352450-B
36" Impact Idler STI-353660-C
24" Impact Idler STI-352450-B
36" Self Aligning Idler STA-353660-C
24" Self Aligning Idler STA-352460-C
36" Return Idler SR-3660-C
24" Return Idler SR-1450-B
36" Self Aligning Retur Idler SRA-3660-C
24" Self Aligning Return Idler SRA-2450-B
36" Carrying Idler Roller RC-3660-C
24" Carrying Idler Roller MD-IDL 332-002 5'
36" Impact Idler Roller RI-3660-C
24" Impact Idler Roller MD- IDL-332-202
36" Return Idler Roller RR-3660-C
24" Return Idler Roller RR-2450-B
Emergency Safety Switch
Belt Misalignment Switch
Conveyor Standard Milltronics Complete MSP-12
Sirena Model 24 Volts Series A SST-MV
36" Primary Belt Cleaner
24" Primary Belt Cleaner
36" Secondary Belt Cleaner
24" Secondary Belt Cleaner
36" V-Plow Belt Cleaner
24" V-Plow Belt Cleaner DIMISA 133.2 DIMISA 133.2
Conveyor Skirtboard Seal
Conveyor Pulley Pillow Block SAF-XT4-15/16
Conveyor Pulley Pillow Block SAF-XT3-15/16
Drop Bracket , 4-1/2 " MDIDL198700
Skirt Rubber Bevel 1/2"X4" Rockflexsk60
Skirt Rubber Bevel 1/2"X6" Rockflexsk60
Idler Sin Sensor Desalineamiento Ta-2
Drum Pulley Conveyor 3,4 Y 5 16 "
Shaft 4" Dia/ 50-1/2" Length/ 1045
Taper Bushing Kit He - 40 X 4"
Drum Pulley For Conveyor 3,4,5 20 "
Shaft 1045 Of 4" Diameter
Taper Bushing Kit He-40 X 4"
Drum Pulley Tail For Conveyor 1 Y 2 16"
Drive Pulley Dodge For Conveyor 1 Y 2,
Shaft Dodge Nominal Diam 6" 85-7/16"
Taper Bushing Kit Reducer He- 60 X 6"
36" V-Plow Belt Cleaner Only Rubber
24" V-Plow Belt Cleaner Only Rubber
36" Transition Idler STTV-3660-C
24" Trnsition Idler STTV-2450-B
36" Scale Quality Idler STC-353660-C
24" Scale Quality Idler STC-352450-B
Reducer Manufacturer Flender Type: Fzg B#DH6
Reducer Manufacturer Flender Type:Motox KAS128A
Conveyor Belt Dribble Belt 42'Lgx54"An MM0007
Rodos P/Magneto Banda 1
Banda Transportadora Wbc600
Motor Transportador 50HP 1800RPM F326T
Plain Shaft Return Idler (Single Steel)
Motor Transportador 15HP 1800RPM F254T
Flat Single Steel Return Idler Sr3660-C SR-3660-C
Switch De Emergencia Para Conveyors
Roller Leaf Guide 7705-32 211190009
Belt Clean Urethane 36"
Belt Cleaner 24"
Belt Clean Urethane For Qc-1 36"
Belt Cleaner 24" Urethane Orange Qc-1
Banda 24" Piw/250 Rollo De 250 Mts
Banda 24" Piw/250 Rollo De 90 Mts
Coupling Hydraulic Fludex (Flender) FND370
Belt Punch Flexco 30460
Flexco Quick-Fit Steel Belt Fasteners 190E
Boring Bit Flexco 30468
Fusible Acople Hyd Fluidex Temp 140°C FND370
Bolt Breaker Flexo No. 10 30474
Impact Idlers 36" Model 353660-C
Kit Revestimiento Rodo 40"Largox24"Anc
36" Form-S Itc Blade (Richwood) HM-36-FS-2550-TC
Hydraulic Coupling Convey 3,4,5(Flender
Hydraulic Coupling Conveyor 4 (Flender)
Misalignment Switch Ta-2 ( Conveyors ) TA-2
Type-K Conveyor Guidles
Flexco Wrench 515 515
Flexco Wrench Hw1 HW1
Flexco Quick Change Chuck 5552
Grapas P/Magneto Banda Transportadora 45-36' FLEXCO
Flexco-Lock Belt Type Fl11C
Guidler Mount Braket Trowhed Belt(Left)
Guidler Mount Braket Trowhed Belt(Right
Urethane Spray Deflector NH-36201-2
Impact Saddle 36" Combi-Pact
Impact Saddle Replacement Segments 36"
Retainer Clip With Nut ( 2 Per Unit)
Soporte de retorno de rodaja SRJ-3660-25 DIMISA SRJ-3660-25
Caja reductora para alimentadores (nota) 0270-02174 PT 27315S 25:1
Buje taper lock p/polea ind. p/n 223212 223212
Polea inducida p/n 223051 223051
Buje taper lock p/polea motriz p/n223210 223210
Polea motriz p/n 223034 223034
Reductor de velocidada p/n 409065 409065
Chumacera de piso p/n 100224 100224
Buje taper lock p/polea ind. p/n 223237 223237
Polea inducida p/n 100619 100619
Polea motriz p/n 223019 223019
Reductor de velocidada p/n 223500 223500
Chumacera de piso p/n 225392 225392
Rodillo guía maraca RGA-LS 334.1 334.1
Brazo para rodillo guía ANTI DUST 334.2 334.2
Clamping cylinder bushing p/n N03742004 METSO N03742004
Jaw Crusher Spring Washer Housing 940954
Jaw Crusher Sprong Retainer 940950
Jaw Crusher Disc Spring 100X51 74881410 7.04209E+11
Jaw Crusher Spring Washer Housing Seal 940947
Jaw Crusher Stationary Wedge 86349643 9.49647E+11
Jaw Crusher Movable Wedge 86349642 9.49647E+11
Jaw Crusher Upper Wedge p/n 949647113700 METSO 949647113700
Jaw Crusher Stationary Toe Wedge 923720
Jaw Crusher Toe Wedge 923906
Jaw Crusher Toe Wedge 908445
Jaw Crusher Toggle Seat 68254530 9.49647E+11
Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate 57692660 9.49647E+11
Jaw Crusher Lug 19987995 9.49649E+11
Jaw Crusher Lug 418812-A LH 19988002
Jaw Crusher Lug 418812-B RH 19988001
Jaw Crusher Clamp Cyclinder Repair Kt N11904463
Jaw Crusher Cylinder Repair Kit 803055
Jaw Crusher Breather 801286
Jaw Crusher Cartridge Filter 7.06203E+11
T-Hd Screw M 36X220 p/n N88409015 METSO N88409015
T-Hd Screw M36X1010 p/n 704100027420 METSO 704100027420
Jaw Crusher Screw p/n 804100027414 METSO 804100027414
Jaw Crusher M36 Hex Nut p/n N01563036 METSO N01563036
Jaw Crusher T-Hd Screw M36X130 19530040 7.041E+11
Jaw Crusher M 36 Locknut 3037206 3037206
Jaw Crusher M36 Type A Washer 3056061 7.04007E+11
Jaw Crusher Upper Side Liner 56762394 9.49649E+11
Jaw Crusher Lower Side 56762391 9.49649E+11
Press Transmitter Make:Bourdon Haenni
Jaw Crusher Cylinder M 25000 931446
Jaw Crusher Pin 934402
Bloque Distribuidor De Grasa Lincoln
Tjta Electronica Lincoln 94822 Quick203 249905
Hammer Screw M36X480 p/n 704100027405 METSO 704100027405
Filtro Cartridge Jaw Crusher DONALDSON P171534
Faja 8V2500 Trituradora Nordberg C-125 8V2500
Elemento P/Bomba Lubricacion(Chancadora
Spring Assy for Hammer Bolts p/n 575507 METSO 575507
Mounting wedge p/n 949647114900 METSO 949647114900
Jaw Crusher Washer p/n 704007270000 METSO 704007270000
Jaw crusher hex screw p/n 704107355000 METSO 704107355000
Jaw crusher hex nut p/n 704202480000 METSO 704202480000
Spring, resorte de hule p/n 914637 Metso METSO 914637
Hexagonal screw p/n N01530943 Metso METSO N01530943
Bushing p/n 575914 METSO 575914
Spring casing p/n 914933 METSO 914933
Self-locking nut p/n N01570148 METSO N01570148
Damper, amortiguador p/n 579616 METSO 579616
Drive Machanism Bearing Housing 6117-00
Drive Mechanism Housing Seal Drive 6219-00
Drive Mechanism Housing Seal Float 6220-00
Drive Mechanism Seal Retainer 6239-00
Drive Mechanism Slinger Disc 6283-00
Screen Mechanism Shaft Spacer 6267-00
Drive Mechanism O-Ring 6287-00
Drive Mechanism Drive Shaft Spacer 6269-00
Drive Mechanism Slinger 6309-00
Drive Mechanismretainer 6364-00
Drive Mechanismgear 6435-00
Drive Mechanism Breather A08-02053-00
Drive Mechanism Sight Gauge (Manometro) 6573-00
Drive Bearing 140Mm SK 452328 VAF 5901-00 SKF 452328 VAF
Screen Spr-17 Springs 8967-00
Panel Poliuretano 400Mm Esp 1'X1'
VFD Af-300G11 Model No 6Kg1143060X9B1 0413-18065A0002
Tarjeta Device Net Comunicacion Ge OPCG11SDEV
Vibrating Grizzly Thrust Rod Item 3
Vibrating Eccentric Whell Cover Item 10
V-F Wheel Adapter W/Dodge Taper Bushing
Vibrating Griz Taperlock Bushing Item28
Pressure Relief Valve 21680
Air Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 34842
Safety Cable Kit 32271
Exhaust Valve Rebuild Kit 38137-4
3-Way 2-Position Solenoid Valve 37886-110
Valve Assembly 38071
Main Piston Rebuild Kit 38138
Exhaust Cap Lever Replacement Kit 38136
Pico Controller 36766
Switch Selector 36767
Fuse 28210
Piston With Urethane 37962
Piston Seat 35075
Compression Spring 35077
Piston With Urethane 37963
Piston Seat 36113
Compression Spring 36167
O-Ring # 275 10.484 Id X 139 Cs 36169
Complete Drive Reducer (Apron Feeder) 22915-0-02-11
O-Ring # 174 8.737 Id 36262
Motor (Apron Feeder) 22915-0-02-12
Solenoid Valve 36343
Inverter (Apron Feeder) 22915-0-02-13
Quick Exhaust Valve 35669
Retaining Ring (Apron Feeder) FX-795
Washer 3" O.D x1-1/16" I.D.x1/2"10300407 KINEMATICS 10-30-04-07
Sprilox Rings (Apron Feeder) FW-108
White Reactor Springs 10-01-134-01
Reducer M/Kt87Tdt100LS4-Ks(Apron Feeder 22915-0-03-19
White Mellow Spring 8".00X2" X 8" 10-01-119-03
Electro Sensor Zero Speed (Apron Feeder 22915-0-03-20
White Mellow Sprng 9".00 X 2" X 8" 10-01-119-04
Head Pulley Assembly (Apron Feeder) 22915-0-04-01
Hex Cap Screw 1/2"-20 X 2 1/2" G8
Tail Pulley Assembly (Apron Feeder) 22915-0-04-02
Belt Scraper Assy 54"Belt(Apron Feeder 22915-4-09-01
Sae Washer Steel Zinc Thru-Hard 1/2"
20"Picking Table Idler 6"(Apron Feeder) 22915-0-03-12
Hex Cap Screw 5/8" -18 X 3 1/2" G8
Picking Table Bolt Package(Apron Feeder 22915-0-03-13
1/2" - 20 Unf X 2 1/2"Hex Head Bolt G8
Return Idler 6" 4-1/2"Drop(Apron Feeder 22915-0-03-14
Hard Wash G8
Belt Alignment Switch Ta-2(Apron Feeder 22915-0-03-17
Conector Teck PaSS Y Seymour 1" 45° STB45100SF
Set Drive Sprocket W/Bolts(Apron Feeder FW-153
Head Shaft Bearing Open End 170Mm(Apron OPEN END 170MM
Head Shaft Bearing Closed End170Mm(Apro CLOSED END 170MM
Tail Wheel (Apron Feeder) AF5-TUC-ACY1-1P
Return Roller (Apron Feeder) 942-0-0-310-01
Strands Of Tractor Chain W/Master Pin AF5-6.75-CHAIN
Side Wear Plates Polydeck 1.5X10.5X48
Bk40F-8 Snap1"X 1" Polureto W/Out Holes
Large Snaps Use With 1"X 1"
Winged Stringer 6X12 Pipe Top(Polydeck)
Polydex 1" High Diamed PaneLS 12X12 677ACC3CSA
Polydex Panel 12X12 Polydeck 677FCC3CSA
Drive Mec. Brg. Inner Shaft Seal 6160-00 TEREX 6160-00
Boom Thurst Sleeve 710-0241
Boom Thrust Sleeve 710-0240
Boom Sleeve 210-0307
Boom Sleeve 730-0007
Boom Bushing 710-0003
Boom Bushing 710-0195
Boom Bushing 210-0853
Boom Spherical Bearing 1000508
Boom Seal Kit 815-1592
Boom Seal Kit 815-1575
Boom Seal Kit 815-1576
Boom Bushing 1001635
Boom Seal Kit 815-1612
Boom Bushing 210-0855
Boom Pin 700-0752
Boom Pin 700-0609
Boom Pin 700-0610
Boom Pin 700-0753
Boom Pin 700-0056
Boom Pin 700-0057
Boom Pin 700-0502
Boom Locknut 1000846
Tb980X Breaker Bracket Bolt Assy 9000547
Tb980X Breaker Front Tool Bushing 9004755
Tb980X Breaker Stopper Plug 9003507
Tb980X Breaker Retainer Pin 440-0039
Tb980X Breaker Retainer Pin 9004509
Tb980X Breaker Spring Pin 9004613
Tb980X Breaker Spring Pin 9004614
Tb980X Breaker Tie Rod 9004911
Tb980X Breaker Tie Rod Nut 9005263
Tb980X Breaker Gas Valve Assy 9001519
Tb980X Breaker Master Seal Kit 9004698
Tb980X Breaker - Assembly-Link Boom 210-4543
Filtro Hidraulico Mp Filtri Spa MF 400 2
Control Valve Assembly Pvg 123/32 210-9840
Coupling Half 1007868
Coupling Insert (770N) For 405Tc Frame 1003959
Rubber Bushing 210-0040A
Tm25 X Rockbreaker Link (Rock Breaker)
Tm25 Cylinder Seal Kit (Rock Breaker) 815-0598ML
Hydraulic Fitting (Rock Breaker) 1800289
Hydraulic Fitting (Rock Breaker) 1800290
Swing Post Weldment (Rock Breaker) 210-9369
Spherical Bearing (Rock Breaker) 1000799
Filtro Hidraulico Del Rompe Rocas F331 P 10Q50 PP180
Washer 3000005
Timer Sag Eagle Signal Delayfs 120V60Hz 70E2A60107
Breaker Abb S8V Sace S8 600Vac 1600Amp K8TL K8TM 3
Capacitor Wo 17 6985 Aerovox 224P3740M014
Rele Allen Bradley 24Vd 11Pin 1/3HP 16A 700-HF33Z24-4
Switchgear Fuse Ej 1 Fu 4.8Kv 25E-C 9F60CED025
Switchgear L/O Relay 125Vdc 5A 5B 12HEA61B235-X2
Switchgear Iti Voltage Transformer PTG3-1-60-422F
Multilin Ge Switchgear 750 FDr Relay 750-P5-G5-S1-HI-A20-R-E-H
Switchgear C2000 Aux Relay RL4D022TD
Switchgear Toggle Switch 0417A0961G001
Switchgear Control Selector Switch 16SB1EB209SSM29
Switchgear Challenger Fuse Block PFS-3333
Switchgear Challenger Fuse Block PFS-3322
Switchgear Gould-Shawmut Fuses S
Switchgear Surge Suppressor 0144D2156G003
Switchgear Cpt 25Kva CPT3-60-25-4161A
Switchgear Clamp Lug TCAL29
Switchgear Et16 Led Lamp Assy Red 0209B4841G010
Switchgear Et16 Led Lamp Assy Green 0209B4841G009
Switchgear C2000 Contactor 0339A7369G001
Switchgear Cooper /Bussmann Magnmum KUXSC-04-GE
Switchgear Fused Pollout Switch PH222
Switchgear Strip Heater 0282A4386P001
Switchgear Auxiliary Switch S 6A 6B 0209B5163P001
Switchgear Position Switch S 6A 6B 0209B5163P001
Switchgear Power Vac Circuit Breaker PVEB1A1A2A2202G1A1
Switchgear Operating Mechnism Asm 4.16-350-1200
Switchgear Vb Breaker Vacuum Interphase 4.16-350-1200
Switchgear Breaker Vacuum Interphase 4.16-350-3000
Switchgear Normal Maintenance Parts Kit 4.16-350-1200
Switchgear Rectifier 169B7656G1
Switchgear Blade Adm 1074 Sw 204B4051BRG2
Switchgear Arc Chute Asm 1074 Sw 204B4051BTG1
Switchgear Springs 259A8785P1
Switchgear Thermostat 272A5509BPP1
Switchgear Carbon Cont Asm-1074 272A5651ETG1
Switchgear Filter 302A3847P1
Switchgear Guide Moving Contacto 55A212103P1
Switchgear Pivot Block 55A212177P1
Switchgear Bearing 55A212179P1
Switchgear Spring 55A212184P1
Switchgear Blown Fuse Indicator 55A212935P1
Switchgear Fuse 4.8Kv/18R Vac Btl 55A212942P18RB
Switchgear Fuse 4.7Kv/24R Vac Btl 55A212942P3RB
Switchgear Fuse 4.8Kv/3Vr Vac Btl 55A212942P3RB
Switchgear Fuse Bolt For 800Amp/Va H 55A213937P550B
Switchgear Intlk.Asm.5N.O.Vac. H 55C679816G1
Switchgear Intlk.Asm.5N.O.Vac. H 55C679816G6
Switchgear Qm-Gb Switch 55C682220G1
Switchgear Coil-800A Vacuum 55D781020G2
Switchgear Resistor 50 Ohm A100G50EA-TH
Switchgear Green Indicator Light CR104PLG22G
Switchgear Red Indicator Light CR104PLG22R
Switchgear Selector Switch CR104PSG21B11
Switchgear Selector Switch CR107PSG21Y001
Switchgear Push Latch CR104PTR20A0R92
Switchgear Terminal Block CR151B6
Switchgear Size 1 Contactor CR305C002AAST
Switchgear 2 Amp Cpt Fuse 4.8Kv CSC#A480T2E-1
Switchgear 3 Amp Cpt Fuse 4.8Kv CSC#A480T3E-1
Switchgear 15 Amp 250V Fuse CSC#OT15
Switchgear 20 Amp 250V Fuse CSC#OT20
Switchgear Interlock Assembly IC2956A200BE
Switchgear Ejo-1 Cl Fuse 5.5Kv 400Amp 9F62FCB400
Switchgear Ejo-1 Cl Fuse 5.5Kv 300Amp 9F62FCB300
Switchgear Ejo-1 Cl Fuse 5.5Kv 200Amp 9F62DCB200
Switchgear Ejo-1 Cl Fuse 5.5Kv 150Amp 9F62DCB150
Cortacircuito 15k V 100A MARCA CHANCE CATALOGO C710112PB
Cortacircuito 15k V 200A MARCA MELEC CATALOGO 3021664
Portafusible 15K V 200A MARCA MELEC CATALOGO 3021664
Welding Recept 480V3HP4W60Amp Appleton IDSR6034
Kemlux 150W Ballast Assy Quadtap KS-15S8
Kemlux Glass Globe Hubbell K-G
Kemlux Ceiling Adapter Hubbell KS-C2
Kemlux Wall Adapter Hubbell KS-W2
Kemlux 25Deg Stanchion Bracket 1.5 KS-D5
Mhk/MHP Lens Only Hubbell 264-0619-9903
Supbay BaLSt Hsg:250Whsp:Quadtap BLA250S8WH
Supbay BaLSt Hsg:400Whsp:Quadtap BLA400S8WH
Superbay-16" Prismatic Reflector BL-HG16
Mhl Lens Only Hubbell 264-0208-9905
Mhl Door Assembly Hubbell 800-1982-0201
Photocell Twistlock Hubbell PTL-8
Photocell Recptor Hubbell PRR
67516 Lamp Sylvana Lu150/55/Eco 67516
67533 Lam Sylvana Lu400/Eco 67533
Truck Weight Scale Digital Load Cell 14002400A
Truck Weigh Scale Bottom Hex Receiver TA200814
Surge Protector For 8732 Transmitter SD32
Surge Protector For 8742 Transmitter FP32
Medidor Magnetico 4" 8705 Rosemount
Medidor Magnetico 10" 8705 Rosemount
Surge Supressor Fieldbus Instrument
Flujometro Keisco Modelo NMW-111-A2RF5-5 KEYSCO NMW-111-A2RF5-5
Seal "U" Cup 243134
Differential Pressure Transmiter 3051CD2F0A1AC6H2
5-Valve Traditional Manifold 0305RC52B11B4SG
Differential Pressure Switch Set Rising 1638-1WCD-1635
Thermoramsey Tiltswitch 2-39-25
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 1600 Kpa Xsg
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 1000 Kpa Xsg
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 400 Kpa Xsg
Press Regulator Honey Well F76 Filter F76S-1015
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 700 Kpa
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 1000 Kpa
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 600 Kpa
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 400 Kpa
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 4000 Kpa Xsg
Pressure Gauge (Manometro) 6000 Kpa
Press Regulator Honey Well F76 Filter F76S-1015
Pressure Regulator Honey Well Kit F76 AF11S-1A
Ohmart Vega Ultrasonic Level Transmitt VEGASON61KXANFKX
Ohmart Vega Remote Display
Ohmart Vega Ultrasonic Transmitter
Ohmart Vega Tarjeta Transmisor Densidad 245449
Display Ohmart Vega Para Sensor D/Nivel PLISCOM.K
Pantalla Pliscom Para Transmisor D-77761
Sensor Ultrasonico Vegason 61
Pinch Valve 1" Series 5200 EPDM Sleeve S5-010-0-000-0600
Pinch Valve 3 Way Asco Solenoid Valve 3310-EF8320G172-24
Pinch Valve Cylinder Assembly Rsc-6
Pinch 1.50" Valve Body (Ductile Iron)
Pinch Valve 1.50" Cylinder Assembly 52 S/6'
Pinch 1.00" Valve Body (Ductile Iron)
Pinch Valve 1.00" Cylinder Assembly 52 W/6'
2" V150 Control Valve Seal Repair Kit RV150XHDC82
2" V150 Control Valve Packing Set 1R5795X0012
2" V150 Control Valve Groove Pin 11B0705X012
2" V150 Control Valve Gasket 13B6687X052
2" V150 Controll Valve Comp Bearing 14B3353X012
2" V150 Control Valve Packing Box Ring 16A6083X012
3" V150 Control Valve Seal Repair Kit RV150X0HD22
3" V150 Control Valve Packing Set 12A8995X022
3" V150 Control Valve Taper Key W/Head 12B9530X012
3" V150 Control Valve Packing Box Ring 16A6084X012
3" Control Valve Comp Lined Bearing 17B7142X012
3" V150 Control Valve Groove Pin 18A6135X012
3" V150 Control Valve Actuator Diaph 2E791902202
6" V150 Control Valve Seal Repair Kit RV150X0HD42
6" V150 Control Valve Packing Set 12A8832X022
6" V150 Control Valve Taper Key W/Head 12B9531X012
6" V150 Control Valve Packing Box Ring 16A6085X012
6" V150 Control Valve Groove Pin 18A6138X012
6" V150 Control Vlv Comp Lined Bearing 27B7136X012 6" V150 Control Valve Actuator Bushing 12A9373X012
6" V150 Control Valve Actuator Bushing 12A9775X012
8" V150 Control Valve Seal Repair Kit RV150X0HD52
8" V150 Control Valve Groove Pin 11B0738X012
8" V150 Control Valve Packing Set 12A8951X022
8" V150 Control Valve Taper Key W/Head 12B9532X012
8" V150 Control Valve Packing Box Ring 16A6086X012
8" V150 Control Vlv Comp Lined Bearing 27B7775X012
8" V150 Control Valve Actuator Bushing 12A9374X012
8" V150 Control Valve Du Lined Bushing 12A9558X012
8" 8560 Control Valve Taper Pin F14119X0052
4" 8560 Control Valve Seal Ring 75B0042X012
4" 8560 Controll Valve Spring 75B0043X012
4" 8560 Control Valve Lined Bearing 75B1122X012
4" 8560 Control Valve Hollow Pin 75B1122X022
10" 8560 Control Valve Taper Pin G13725K0022
10" 8560 Control Valve Spring 75B0029X012
10" 8560 Control Valve Lined Bearing 75B1070X012
10" 8560 Control Valve Hollow Pin 75B1122X052
10" 8560 Control Valve Actuat Diaphragm 2E859702202
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Gasket Set RGASKETX182
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Pack Repair Kit RPACKX00022
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Seat Ring 1U2258X0012
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Ring 1U2258X0012
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Plug/Stem 1V6575X0052
2" Ed/667 Control Valve Eq Cage 2U223733272
2" Ed/667 Cntrl Vlv Actuator Repair Kit R667X000402
2" Ed/667 Cntrl Vlv Actuator Seal Bush 1E669902202
2" Ed/667 Cntrl Vlv Actuatro Diaphragm 2E669902202
2.5" Ed/1051 Control Valve Gasket Set RGASKETX192
2.5" Ed/1051 Control Valve Seat Ring 1U222746172
2.5" Ed/1051 Control Valve Piston Ring 1U2300X0012
2.5" Ed/1051 Control Valve Plug/Stem 1V6577X0042
2.5" Ed/1051 Control Valve Eq% Cage 2U227933272
Replacement Valve 1" 24000SVF
1" 24000Svf Cntrl Vlv Actuat Diaprhagm 24810
Control Valve Positioner Sliding Stem DVC5010F
Control Valve Airset 67CFR
Control Valve 800725 Kgd3 Mh-N2 Gum 8786
Control Valve 800726 Kgd4 Mh-N2 Gum 8788
Control Valve 800729 Kgd10 Mh-N2 Gum 8794
Control Valve 800730 Kgd12 Mh-N2 Gum 8796
Ph Transmitter Lcd Display 23652-01
Ph Transmitter Terminal Block 33337-02
Ph Transmitter Foundation Fieldbus TP32-MTL
Ph Transmitterbuffer Solution With Set
Ph/Orp Transmitter Yokogawa M/Ph202G
Ph Probe Ph Sensor Model 396P-01-12-55 396P-01-12-55
Ph Transmitter Probe 396 PO 11255
Plugged Chute Switch Rep Elect M320S851WP50D42564
Solenoid Vlv Jkfx8210G100-24Vdc Rebuild 304355
Solenoid Valve Jkfx8210G4-24Vdc Rebuild 302280
Solenoid Valve Jkfx8210G9-24Vdc Rebuild 302277
Pond Level Transmitter Press 0-5500Mm M-PTX1230
Lightning Arrestor MDK-24-X
Crousehinds Teck050-1 Watertigh Con1/2" 7CH-ST050-462
Cojinete 90Ru03M0 90RU03M0
Cojinete 100Ru03M0 100RU03M0
Cojinete 22313 P/Bomba Sumidero Leach 22313 BD1C3
Cojinete P/ Motor Bomba Sumidero Leach 6209EEJ30
Cojinete P/ Reductor Tanque Floculante 6308ZZJ30
Cojinete Skf 206-2Fk (Pulverizadora Sgs YSA 206-2FK
Cojinete De Rodillo Esfera 22210K 22210K
Cojinete De Bola(Goulds 3196 8X10-12X17 5313 AC3
Cojinete 6305Zz Ntn (Para Pulverizadora 6305ZZ NTN
Cojinete Rigido De Bola 80Bcjp3 80BCJP3
Cojinete Rodillo Cilindric NTN NU318C3 NTN NU318C3
Circlip Para Cojinete (Pulver M Lm2-P) 229002
Cojinete Skf 7315 Beagy(3180 10X12-16 L SKF 7315 BEAGY
Cojinete Skf 7315 Beagy (3180 6X10-19 L SKF 7315 BEAGY
Cojinete Skf 5309 A/C3 (3196 1.5X3-13) 5309 A/C3
Cojinete 22308C Ntn (Para Pulverizadora 22308C
Cojinete Skf NJ2307ECP211A Pulveriz sgs. NJ 2307ECP 211A
Cojinete Skf 5309(P/Bomba 3196/Coj.3309 SKF 5309
Cojinete Skx 6309 C3-(Bomba Goulds 3196 SKX 6309
Cojinete Skf 6213Z (Goulds 3910 Ss316) SKF 6213Z
Cojinete Skf 5306 A/C3 - (Goulds Lf3196
Cojinete Skf 6252 (Motor Molino Sag) SKF 6252
Cojinete No. 529 Nn Cuna No. 522 Timken
Cojinete Skf Nu256 - (Motor Molino Sag)
Chumacera 2-15/16" Dia Planta D/Relleno P2B-SCM-215
Chumacera Tipo E 3-7/16" P. Relleno P2B-E-307R
Chumacera Tipo E 3-15/16"Planta Relleno P4B-E315R
Chumacera Tipo E 5-7/16" Planta Relleno PEB-E-507R
Chumacera Ucfl210D1 Serv Liv Eje 50Mm UCFL210D1
Chumacera Dodge Flange 4 Agujeros Eje2" F4B-SC-200
Chumacera Completa Ucp209D1 Ntn UCP209D1. NTN
Chumacera Completa Ucp211-200D1 Ntn UCP211-200D1 NTN
Dodge-R-Saf-Xt522 8 C/Manguito Eje100Mm RSAFXT5228
Chumacera Pb22539H Rexnord Serv Pesado PB22539H
Chumacera Sn510-608 Bipartida Eje45Mm 510-608
Chumacera 4 Bipartida Skf Eje 80Mm SN518-615
Chumacera C/Cojinete Eje 1-15/16"Snr UCP210-115D1
Caja Partida Sn518-615 SN518-615
Sprocket 100B12 100B12
Sprocket 100B20 100B20
Cadena 5/16Pulg Capacidad Para 1300Lb
Pies De Cadena No. 100
Faja De 8Vx-1800-3904 Iri
Faja Pdg-2520-0514 (Dentada) PDG-2520-0514
V-Belt (Faja) De Ventilador Molino Sag
Faja 5Vx1500 (Bomba Slurry 200Emf Ccd) 5VX1500
Faja 5Vx1030-4704-3R3 Motor Molino Cal 5VX1030-4704-3R3
Faja 8Vx1800-3904Iri Bombas Warman 8VX1800-3904IRI
Faja 5Vx750 (3004-1R1) 5VX750
Faja B-105 (Hi Power) ( Fam 0893) B-105
Faja Goodyear C-96, Para T-Rex GOODYEAR C-96
Manguito Skf 2306 (Pulverizadora Sgs) SKF 2306
Valvula De Bola Victaulic De 1" p/n 722 VICTAULIC 722
Valvula Check Victaulic Style 716 De 3"
Valvula Mariposa Victaulic 3" Serie 700
Valvula Check Victaulic Style 716 De 6"
Valvula Mariposa Victaulic 6" Serie 700
Valvula Bola 1/2" Galvanizada Roscada
Valvula Bola 3/4" Galvanizada Roscada
Valvula De Bola 1" Galvanizada Roscada
Check Valve (Valvula Cheque) De 4"
Valvula bola 1" soldable inox316 300PSI
Valvula globo 1" soldable inox316 300PSI
Válvula de Bola inox 2” flang 300PSI 150 50116M
Válvula de Bola inox 3” flang 300PSI 150
Valvula bola 1/2" soldable inox316 300PS
Válvula Globo 3” inox flang. 300PSI 150
Llave De Compuerta 1" (Gate Valve) 30001
Codos 90° Hg De 1"
Codos 90° Hg De 2"
Lateral Vict 16" Dia 45° Style 30-45° RL
Codo Victaulic 45°Deg Style 11 De 3Pulg
Codo Victaulic 45°Deg Style 11 De 6"
Codo Vict 16"Dia 60°Deg Acero Al Carbon
Codo Victaulic 90°Deg Style 10 De 6"
Codo Victaulic 90°Deg Style 10 De 3"
Codo Vict. 16" Dia 90° Style 10-3D R.L. F160100P3D
Codo Victaulic 22-1/2°Deg Style12 De 3"
Codo Victaulic 22-1/2°Deg Style12 De 6"
Codo Vict. 16" Dia 22.5°Style 12-5D R.L
Codo Vict. 10"Dia 90°Deg Style 100 R.L.
Tee Victaulic Style 20 De 3"
Tee Victaulic Style 20 De 6"
Tee Hg De 1"
Niples Corridos Hg De 1/2"
Niple Hg De 1/2" X 3"
Niple Hg De 1/2" X 4"
Niples Corridos Hg De 1/4"
Niple Hg De 1/4" X 4"
Niple Hg De 3/4" X 3"
Niple Hg De 3/4" X 4"
Niple Hg De 1" X 2"
Niple Hg De 1" X 3"
Niple Hg De 1" X 4"
Niple Hg De 2" X 3"
Niple Hg De 2" X 4"
Ajuste De Coupling No. 370
Acople Rosca Un Lado Y Abrazadera 3LZ75A
Coupling Victaulic Style 77 2"
Acople Victaulic Style 77 De 6"
Coupling Victaulic Style 77 10"
Coupling Victaulic Style 77 14"
Coupling Victaulic Style 77 16"
Coplas Hg De 2"
Conector Hembra ¾" Od X ¼" Npt SS-600-7-4
Conector Hembra 1/4"Od X 1/4"Npt SS-400-7-4
Acople Victaulic No. 99 4"
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe) Style 997 3"
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe) Style 997 6"
Acople Victaulic 3"Style 77 Acero-Acero
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe) Style 995 3"
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe)Style 995 4"
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe) Style 995 6"
Coupling Victaulic/(Hdpe) Style 995 8"
HDPE coupling 14" style 995
Reductor Bushing Hg De 3/4" A 1/2"
Reductor Bushing Hg De 1" A 3/4"
Reductor Bushing Hg De 2" A 1"
Reductor Bushing Hg De 1-1/2" A 1"
Reductor Campana Hg De 3/4" A 1/2"
Reductor Campana Hg De 1" A 1/2"
Reductor Campana Hg De 1" A 1/4"
Reductor Campana Hg De 1" A 3/4"
Reductor Campana Hg De 2" A 3/4"
Reductor Campana Hg De 2" A 1"
Reductor Bushing De 3" X 2"
Conector Para Manguera Hembra Jic 1/4" 106430404FC
Conector P/ Manguera Hembra Jic 1-1/4" 106432020FC
Bulk Head Union 3/8" Od SS-600-61
Conector Hembra Para Manguera No.20-20
Conector Hembra Para Manguera 12 1AA-12FJ-12
Conector Jic Hembra No. 6 = 3/8"
Conector Jic Hembra No. 12 = 3/4"
Conector Jic Hembra No. 8
Conector Jic Hembra No. 10 = 5/8"
Conector Jic Hembra No. 16
Tapon Victaulic Style 60 De 3"
Tapon Victaulic De 6" Style 60
Abrazaderas Band-It 1-1/2" X 5/8" CP0699 BANDIT CP0699
Abrazaderas Band-It 2-3/4" X 5/8" CP1199 BANDIT CP1199
Y Victaulic (45° Lateral) Style 33 6"
Lateral 45° # 30 De 10" Rubber Linner
Sello P/Coupling Victaulic Style 77 2"
Sello P/Coupling Victaulic Style 77 3"
Sello p/coupling Victaulic estilo 177 3" VICTAULIC 177 DE 3"
Sello P/Coupling Victaulic Style 77 6"
Sello P/Coupling Victaulic Style 77 12"
Sello P/Coupling Victaulic Style 77 14"
Sello Flexitallic Flange 1"150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 2" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 3" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic P/ Flange 4" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 6" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 8" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 10Pulg 150 Psi
Sello Flexitallic Flange 12" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 14" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 16" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 1-1/4" 150 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 2" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 3Pulg 300 Psi
Sello Flexitallic Flange 4" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 6" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 8" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 10" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 12" 300 PSI
Sello Flexitallic Flange 16" 300 PSI
Outlet-T Victaulic 3" X 2" Style 922
Outlet-T Victaulic 4" X 2" Style 922
Outlet-T Victaulic 4" X 3" Style 920
Outlet-T Victaulic 6" X 4" Style 922
Strainer De 3" Type 732
Reductor Victaulic 6" A 3" Style 50
Reductor Victaulic Vic-1"Npt Style54 3"
Empaque Victaulic Tipo E Style995 De 3"
Empaque Victaulic Tipo E Style995 De 6"
Perno Y Tuerca Vict 1/2"X2-3/4"Style77
Perno Y Tuerca Vict 3/4"X4-1/4"Style 77
Perno Y Tuerca Vict 5/8"X3-1/4"Style77
Tuberia Pvc Diam 1-1/4' X 6 Mts 125 PSI
Tuberia HDPE de 3" en rollo de 500 pies SDR11
Tuberia Hdpe De 6" Tramos De 39 Pies DR 11 ITS
Tubo HN ranurado s/costura céd. 40 de 3"
Tubo Vict 10"Dia X 37"Largo Ced.40 R.L.
Tubo Standar victaulic 16" rec. hule 1/2
Tubo HG Ø5” SCH40x6mts roscados
Tubo De Cobre De 1/4" ( Mts)
Manguer 1/2" Sin Refuerzo Color Negro
Manguera Para Pipa De Agua De 4"
Manguera 3/4" Sin Refuerzo Color Negro
Manguera Plastica Alta Presion3/8"10Bar
Manguera Plastica De Alta Presion 10Mm
Manguera Plastic Alta Presion5/16"10Bar
Manguera Plastic Alta Presion5/32"10Bar
Manguera D/Alta Presion Hidraulica 1/4" 100R2AT-04
Manguera De Alta Presion De 1/2" No. 8
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 0.95' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 13.15' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 16.4' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 1' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 4' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion1/2" 104.96' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 78.72' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 91.84' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 72.16' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 0.8' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 1.20' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 14.8' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion 1/2" 16.60' Largo
Manguera Alta Presion De 5/8" No. 10
Manguera Alta Presion De 3/4"No. 12
Manguera Alta Presion De 3/8" No. 6
Manguera Alta Presion Hidraulica 1-1/4" 100R2AT-20
Manguera De 2" Gates Para Aire-Agua
Manguera De 1" Gates Aire-Agua 7268-1001
Manguera 14" C/Flanges Preformada Vulco WEIR ZC14650048
Crousehind 2" (Conector Macho P/Cable) CGB6915
Crousehind 2" (Conector Macho P/Cable) CGB6917
Alarmas De Retroceso De 12 Voltios
Bulbo De Cuarzo 120V-500W
Fusible Plano De Espiga Automovil 75Amp
Fusible Pequeños De 5 Amp
Fusible Pequeños De 25 Amp
Fusible Pequeños De 30 Amp
Fusible Plano De Espiga Automovil 30Amp
Lamp Gp Fld Completa Armada (Cat) 147-0319
Cable 2/0-3 Conductores Str Bc G-Gc
End Shacle No. 24
Motor Trifasico 30HP 1770RPM 480V 50Hz
Rele Telemecanique 240V-50/60Hz 10HP LC1D18 10HP
Rating Plug P/Breaker Spectra De 1200A
Fusible Cilindro De Vidrio 250V 5Amp
Lampara 150W Sodio Multivoltaje P/Poste
Fusible Ferraz Shawmut 1/2 Amp
Fusible Ferraz Shawmut 15 Amp
Nema 12 Heat Sink U6250Mkgiltpoti U6250MKGILTPOTI
Key Panel General Eelectric TPA-G11S4 GE TPA-G11S4
Fusible 100Amp Ferraz Shaw Amptrap F101 A50P100-4
Cable 2-3C Str Bc Type G-Gc600V/2Kv 90C 5F-0203C
Bombilla Phillips 70 W A5-1 C70562/M
Bombilla Phillips H4-1 70 W
Bulbo De Alogeno Mh 175W H 0804
Contactor Weg Psos Cawm4 31E 24Vdc 2.6A
Contactor Sirius 3Rt 1017-1An11 120Vac 1017-1AN11
Contactor Sirius 3Rh 1122-1An20 220Vac 1122-1AN20
Contactor Aux Iec120V 3Na 2No Telemecan
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G ) Cr305C005 CR305C005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G ) Cr305D005 CR305D005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G ) Cr305E005 CR305E005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G ) Cr305F005 CR305F005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G ) Cr305G005 CR305G005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G Cr305Hh005 CR305HH005
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G Cr305X100C CR305X100C
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G Cr305X200C CR305X200C
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G Cr305X300C CR305X300C
Contactor Gen Purpose ( 10G Cr305X500C CR305X500C
Contactor Square D 8910 Dpa 53S71 D 8910 DPA 53S71
Contactor Ge Cr305To Va 443 Nema 2 CR305TO
Contactor Siemens 220V/60Hz Sirius 3RH1122-1AP00
Contactor 10HP C/Bobina De 220V Siemens 3RT1034-1AN10
Fusible De 250 Voltios 20 Amperios
Fusible De 250 Voltios 40 Amperios
Fusible De 250 Voltios 60 Amperios
Flipon Bab 2 X 50
Flipon Bab 2 X 40
Flipon Bab 1 X 30
Flipon Bab 1 X 40
Flipon Bab 1 X 50
Fusible 250V 1500 Miliamperios( Ma ) 4250-SCA-001/2
Fusible 10Amp Type Fnh Tamaño 00
Fusible 16Amp Type Fnh Tamaño 00
Fusible 20Amp Type Fnh Tamaño 00
Fusible De 6 Amperios Tipo Frsr
Fusible De 20 Amperios Tipo Frsr
Fusible Dc Variador Fuji Af300P11 75HP A4058
Fusible Dc Variador Fuji Af300P11 100HP A4059
Fusible Dc Variador Fuji Af300P11 150HP A4060
Fusible Dc Variador Fuji Af300P11 250HP A4061
Fusible Dc Variador Fuji Af300P11 450HP A4063
Fusible Tipo K Tension 15Kv 6Amp
Fusible Tipo K Tension 15Kv 10Amp
Fusible Tipo K Tension 15Kv 15Amp
Fusible Ferraz Shaw 1000Amp A70P 1000-4
Fusible Semiconductor Ferraz Shawmut A50QS125-4 125A
Fusible Max 15.5 Kv Amp 1E Eaton Elect ID 15CLPT-1E
Fusible Model W0118540 K51558
Fusible Fnm 1-1/4 Fusetron
Fusible A50A100 Ferraz Shawmut Form 101 A50P100
Fusible 1 Amp 250V De 1/2" Vidrio Gmc
Fusible 2 Amp 250V De 1/2" Vidrio Gmc
Fusible 3 Amp 250V De 1/2" Vidrio Gmc
Juego De Cut Out (Tres Corta Circuitos)
Regulator Watts Modelo 1-1/2"
Parrarayos De 5Kv
Caja Intemperie Redonda 4 Hoyos 1/2" C070712002
Caja Intemperie Redonda 4 Hoyos 3/4" C070712001
Base P/Relevador 10A 24V Idec Sr2P-05 C111707019
Botonera Pendulo Control Iec 6 PuLSador C110804003
Condulet LB Aluminio 2" C/Tapa Lb-200 C030603018
Condulet LR Aluminio 2" C/Tapa C030605018
Condulet LR Aluminio 1-1/2" C/Tapa C030605013
Condulet T Aluminio 2" C/Tapa C030606016
Condulet T Aluminio 1-1/2" C/Tapa C030606013
Condulet C Aluminio 2" C/Tapa C030601024
Condulet C Aluminio 1-1/2" C/Tapa C030601023
Borne De Conexion Riel Brida-Torn 2.5Mm C114001001
Motor Lead Pig Seil 5300